Sunday, March 23, 2008

Been Busy Being A Mommy

It has been such a long time since I wrote a "normal" entry on my blog. I have just been extremely busy being a mommy. :)

Here are some of the things that have been happening:
There was Bean's birthday celebration. We had her *little* party once Daddy got home from his business trip. She wanted a Beauty and the Beast Doll Cake, so I made her one. I am getting better at these doll cakes. This one was my third one.
Bean's Nana and Papaw came. Along with our good family friend. Bean opened up her presents from us before we ate our Supper of Pizza. Here is Bean's happy expressions as she discovers what's inside her presents.
Bean got a Belle Polly Pocket from Nana and Pawpa. But later on, which I thought was *soooo* sweet she gave it to one of her friends! I asked her if she was sure she wanted to give it to her, and she said she was sure. She later on decided she would spend her money from both of her Great Grandmas to buy a new one. ;-)
Then she also got a Disney Princess Sleeping bag from her Nana and Pawpa. She loved this as well. She also got a humongous boo boo because of this sleeping bag.
After she was finished opening her presents, Nana rolled up the sleeping bag, and put it back in it's container. While I was pulling Pizza out of the oven, Bean overwhelmed with happiness jumped on her rolled up sleeping bag, lying on its side, and rolled herself into our coffee table. She bumped it pretty good, because her top front tooth went *through* her bottom lip! OUCH!

Even I began to freak out. (Which after having three kids, I normally don't do anymore) I wanted to take her to the emergency room, but Daddy was reluctant because he said that lips heal fast. Thankfully, I knew who I could call! I could call my midwife! She is more to me than a midwife. :)

After talking to her, she calmed me down a bit, then she told me to put ice on it. And as long as the gash was only about an inch big, there wasn't much that they could do to it, so don't waste time in the emergency room. She also told me her now grown son, also had that happen to him.

I gave Bean some Tylenol to take away some of the pain, and she did pretty good after that. :) She even blew out her candles. ;-)
Mommy and Daddy got her a Belle T-Shirt
Also a Belle cup. She called this her *magic* cup. She thought I put water to drink in here, but I really put Spr*te in there. ;-) It was her birthday, so I let her drink some soda on it, which I normally don't let them do. Also, after she got her boo boo, it came in handy for her drink from a straw. :) Even Tiny Boy was impressed with the cup. So much so, he tried to steal it a couple of times, lol!
Her Cake already to go!
Blowing the candles out through her owie lip. :)

This is what Bean's lip looked like the next day
Tiny Boy also got a sand box as a late Birthday present from my mom and dad. I have been organizing. Here are pictures of my organization of my scrap booking supplies.

All of my supplies were in this portable scrap booking bag. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I have such a hard time finding everything when I need it. Thus, I don't really scrapbook as much as I want to because it is such a hassle to get everything set up. So I got this:
Now, I can easily see everything that I want, and it is easy to find. The cart rolls around, so I can wheel it to the kitchen to work on my scrapbooks.
A Place for everything and everything in it's place. :)
It tucks nicely into my closet.

Then of course Tiny Boy got his first hair cut
Then I totally reorganized my medicine cabinet. It was in my kitchen. I bought containers to categorize our supplies, but they wouldn't fit into the cabinet. Instead, I put them into our hall closet. All the dangerous medicines are now way up, and the kids cannot reach them. Even if they were to get a stool, so this is better anyway. :)

I have also been organizing the kids bedrooms. I have been taking pictures of that, but it isn't finished, so I'll save it for another day. :)

We also dyed some eggs.
So there you have it. Life from a busy Mommy. :)


Mommy said...

Wow I will be praying for Bean!!! Daddy told me a similar thing happened to him when he was a child, but his tooth went completely through his bottom lip. Now he has a scar. Good luck on all your spring cleaning it looks good so far:)

David said...

Your kids are all so cute! They looked adorable today in their yellow outfits (the girls' dresses were really cute)... Bean enjoyed telling me about how she and "her sister and her brother" all matched... she was telling this older lady that was visiting about their matching outfits, and the lady just said, "What is she saying?" and "She is such a beautiful little girl."

Leanne said...

that cake is ADORABLE! thanks for sharing!

MrsMomma said...

I was wondering where you'd 'been' lately. Life of a Mommy does get very, very busy at times! Love the cake, you did a great job! Hope Bean's lip is better, quickly!


nannykim said...

Love the cake---what a great job. You have been busy!! Poor little bean and the fat lip!!

A Romantic Porch said...

Wow girlfriend! such talent. I'm impressed with all you've done, but the cake is amazing! xo Rachel

Mary said...

I have seen many children put a tooth through their lip and they do heal quickly. It is painful though.

You did a great job with the birthday party. The Belle cake is delightful.

Take care and thanks for dropping by and visiting me.


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