Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bean's Banged Up Head, and Our First Emergency Adventure.

The day started out normal enough. Except with an adventure with a little Shih Tzu, but I'll blog about that on another day. :)

I lied Tiny Boy Down for a nap on my bed, and put the girls in each child's bed room for their quiet play time. They don't nap anymore, but they must be quiet during the afternoon for about two hours. They can play with a designated toy, and they get some alone time to themselves too. We all need that alone time, right?

Well, I played a bit on the computer, and I decided that that I would take a quick half hour nap with Tiny Boy. I also decided that it would be more comfy to sleep in my pajama bottoms rather than my jean skirt. My pajama bottoms had a nice huge rip in them. They are size small, and I should of probably bought a medium, lol! Tiny Boy is usually a heavy sleeper, but this time he woke up when I lied down. I was laying there pretending to be asleep hoping he would go back to sleep.

Then, I heard this funny high pitched noise and I thought it was Bean just play acting. I had heard that type of noise before, so I didn't really think much of it. Suddenly that high pitched noise became screams for "mommy". I realized that she was screaming very hard, and she wasn't bursting into my room, which isn't normal for her, when she wants to complain about something.
I rushed into her room, noticed that the ceiling fan was on, and saw Bean up on top of Sweetie's bunk huddled in a fetal position. Quickly I switched off the fan, ran over to her, and saw blood. Then I picked her up and it was gushing everywhere!
Thankfully there was a quilt right there on the bed, and I wrapped it around her head ran into the kitchen and dialed 911. Usually when something happens like this with the kids I will call my husband up and ask him what I should do. But the blanket was soaking through by the time I had gotten into the kitchen, so I decided, that to play it safe would be better.
As the phone rang 911 I remembered to telling myself that I *must* calm down, or it would be alot worse. Thankfully Bean also calmed down. And Praise the Lord that Sweetie obeyed my every instruction. I told her to go unlock the door, and to bring me my skirt, and to stay out of the way when the EMT arrived. She did beautifully!
The police arrived first. I asked her if she knew when the EMT would arrive. She said that since I live quite a ways off of the main road it would be a few minutes. She commented on how the house looked like a massacre had occurred, lol!
The EMT arrived, and oh my goodness, I remembered I was wearing my ripped pajama bottoms! YIKES! Thankfully I was sitting down on the floor, so I was OK, at that point.
They cleaned up Bean and looked at her wound. By the time they arrived the bleeding had stopped, and they informed me she would some type of suture. But her vitals were fine, and the wound wasn't serious. They all treated Bean with great care, and seemed to do good with kids . She kept talking about the man that cleaned her up. ;-)
The EMT told me that they had to recommend that she ride in the ambulance to the hospital, but that the wound could be bandaged for 12 hours before it needed to be stitched. I decided to wait until my husband got home from work to take her the hospital, so he could keep Tiny Boy at home.
The first picture you see there, is about 15 minutes after the EMT left. Then I embarrassed myself. I told the men that I couldn't move because I had a hole in my pants. They said it was ok, and laughed a bit. But oh boy, how embarrassing!
We went to the hospital, waited 2 1/2 hours before we were called back. Then waited another 1/2 hour to 45 minutes before we saw the doctor. It was a LONG night. Thankfully, I thought ahead of time and stopped at Chick-Fil-A before we went in. I also let Sweetie and Bean grab some toys to play with.
Bean's injuries were very minor. There was one little boy there who had been hit in the head by a baseball bat. We could hear them stitching him up, and it wasn't a pretty sound. All Bean needed was some special wound glue, to put her back together. She didn't like the process very much, but it was *much* better than stitches, yes?
All the nurses loved Bean. Who wouldn't? She explained to everyone just how she got hurt by the fan, and they all thought she was adorable. And she ate up the attention.
Bean is proud of her battle wounds, lol! This was before my husband arrived home from work, and after the EMT left.
The Sheets on the bed where the accident happened

The blanket I wrapped her head in
The kitchen floor.
I would like to tell you *how* she happened to get her head whacked by the fan. Our 2nd and 3rd bedrooms are *very* tiny. The bedroom she was in is 10x10. Sweetie and she share this room, and in order for them to both fit, we needed a bunk bed. The only problem is, no matter what wall you put the bed on, the fan is over part of the bed.
We now have it completely switched off, where they can't put it on, but I think they have learned their lesson, lol. Except Tiny Boy, who didn't understand anything that was going on, lol!
So, I asked Bean why did she turn the fan on, and she said she wanted to pretend it was a windy day. I then asked her why she climbed up the bunk bed, and she said, she wanted to go exploring. Oh My! (sigh, roll eyes) Kids.
The Joys of being a Mommy!



MrsMomma said...

Oh My Goodness! How is she feeling now? Bless her heart! And how are you feeling after such a scare? You sure handled yourself better than I probably would have.

praying for Bean's quick recovery & comfort,

Lauren said...

Oh my!!! Poor Bean! I'm so sorry to hear about this!

Mica Garbarino said...

oh my goodness... I can't believe this has happened to her. I am so sorry !!! I am happy that she is alright. looks like a lot of blood. She sure seems to be a strong little girl. I would love to send her a get well could you e-mail me? Hang in there Mommy !!! Hugs, Mica

Becoming Me said...

Oh my goodness. My heart was leaping out of my chest as I read that I cannot imagine how you felt! I am so glad your little bean is ok.

Amy said...

Oh my goodness! How scary! I'm glad Bean was ok. The pictures of all the blood are amazing! It sounds like she is very brave. :) The 'situation' with your pants sounds like exactly the kind of fix I would get into! Lol!

Mrs. C said...

Praise the Lord that Bean's injuries weren't more serious. We've had to make a trip to the ER all covered in blood before, too. Don't you just love all the looks you get? :)

TJ said...

Oh my! That's a mom's nightmare.
I'm so glad it wasn't serious!

I can tell you from experience, you will only need to call 9-1-1 when the house is a mess and you look your worst! Nothing like having 10 strange men in your home while one child is in nothing but a diaper, the other in a t-shirt and undies and me no makeup and greasy hair. Did I mention dirty laundry and dishes everywhere? Both times, I promise!

Jerri said...

wow, what a story, but judging from the pictures, your daughter is a real trooper.

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