Sunday, April 27, 2008

I Am Now Dubbed, "The Crazy Wife"!

Hello all my blogging friends! I know I haven't been around much. I am so sorry! It has been one of those season in my life, where things are just really crazy.

First our Kitty dies, then Bean almost wonks her head off. Then my husband has problems with his wisdom teeth, (Which he is getting them out on Thursday)then we got the new puppy Fritz. Who is happily sleeping in my lap right now. :)

Having a puppy is almost like having a newborn. (Except you get more sleep. :) )

And no, the IRS didn't come and take us away Amy, LOL! :-D

Then, I went and did the craziest thing of all. My husband's birthday was fast approaching. I was trying to think of a creative thing to get him.Being that he is such a *good* man, husband and father, I wanted to get something that he would really like and deserve. He is always getting sunburned when he mows the lawn. So I thought about getting him one of those Dr. Livingston hats. But nope, guess what I did?!?

The idea came to me in a dream actually. I had a dream that my husband and I went skydiving together. Only I was pregnant in my dream, lol!

But when I woke, it gave me an idea. A crazy one at that. After all, I am *usually* the quiet and reserved type. The type of woman that likes to stay at home nice and safe. So what possessed me to allow him to do such a thing? I don't really know at first. But I will give you some facts as to what made me feel TONS better about allowing him to do this. ;-)

That night I asked him, "You being a happily married man, with three children, would you ever go skydiving?" "Oh yes, in a heart beat, if I had the money!"

First was the cost factor. *How* was I going to pay for this adventure since I was a stay at home mommy, on a semi-tight budget?

In talking with my best friend, she suggested I sell something on ebay. I thought and thought of what was expensive enough to sell on ebay. Then I remembered. We had a *never* used stove in our garage, mind you,sitting there for three years since our house was built. When we bought our house, we already had a nice stove and refrigerator. We didn't need this one. My husband kept saying how we needed to sell that stove and make some room in our garage.

So there it was, sitting there without a soul to wait upon. I put it on Craigslist. Only two people replied and it just didn't work out. Then I sent out a notice to my Home school group and MOPS group.

ONE person replied from those groups, and they wanted the stove. Yippee! Now I had the money to give my husband *the* perfect gift! :)

Then someone from my MOPS group emailed me, and told me that another lady in our group was an avid skydiver, as well as her husband.

I contacted her promptly and asked her a bunch of questions as to the safety of the "sport". She told me that there was a risk involved, like all things in life involved risks. I rode horses as a girl and teenager. I could of been seriously injured or killed riding them, couldn't I? My husband gets on a killer interstate everyday for work, in a teeny tiny car. God has protected him thus far hasn't he?

My MOPS friend greatly eased *most* of my fears. I was still nervous about the whole thing. Then my Mom found out. She was like, "What are you thinking?!" I rationally explained to her the risks involved, and she calmed down quite a bit. :) She could see my points, and towards the end of the conversation, seemed a bit excited to see him do this.

So I began to make the plans. My best friend was planning on coming up to visit us. (She lives about three hours away) This was already planned. In fact, we had kept making plans for her to come visit us, but for some reason or another, they couldn't. So this time she *was* coming, and she was going to help me surprise my husband.

I also invited My husband's brother's and their wives to come see it. They readily agreed to come, lol!

The night before I went to the store and bought four packages of hot dogs for the after party. My husband got home from work, and asked if my friend was bringing her friends along too. I was dozing on the couch, and just lazily said, "Ummmm Hmmmmm", even though my heart started to beat fast with worry that he was going to become suspicious.

That night I was having all sorts of weird dreams about this whole thing. The next day, I had to tell my husband all sorts of lies (Which I can't recall I have ever done!)to pull this thing off.

But then, dyslexic me, gave my friend the wrong directions and she was an hour late. So I *had* to tell my husband what was going on. I don't think I have seen him that giddy with excitement since I think he proposed to me. It felt so good to make him smile in that way!

This is what I told him.

"Um honey?"

Grunt, "Hmmmm"

"I have gone and did something crazy."

"Well you probably have and that's nothing new"

"Well, Esther was supposed to help me with this plan, but she is late, so I have to tell you. You see, you have an appointment at 3:00."

"Oh yeah, where?" said my husband

"Well, do you remember how I sold the stove and asked you if I could keep the money?"

"Yeah?" His curiosity perked up quite a bit now

"Well, I used that money to get you a birthday gift, and it is an appointment to go skydiving."

Huge Grin spreads across his face.

"And I invited your brothers, and my parents"

"They're coming too!" Starts laughing with excitement

Then he says, "So now it makes sense."

"What?" I asked

"Why you bought so many hot dogs!"

He promptly got up to go. And I waited around an extra half-hour for Esther. She finally showed up, and we left right away. When we got there, I was still nervous. But when I saw him suited up, all the anxiety left me, and I *truly* enjoyed watching my husband fall from a perfectly good airplane! :)

It was truly amazing. I could actually see him free falling in the sky. It kind of looked like a shooting star. I then saw his parachute deploy. That was a relief, let me tell you! Then a few minutes later, I saw him land softly and gently. And I saw the hugest, happiest grin as his face! $175 and all the anxiety was *soooo* worth it to see that!

And now, here are all of the pictures!

Tell me, Do you think he enjoyed it? And isn't that grin priceless?


Becoming Me said...

Whoa! What a week you have had. It is good to have you back. THe pictures are so cool. Scary,but cool. I am so sorry to hear about your kitty and the other messy stuff but am happy that you got a sweet puppy to love

Amy said...

Wow! What an incredible wife you are!! :D
Have you read Wild at Heart? I just read it recently and this post made me think about it.

Yay Mommy! :) Glad your hubby had so much fun. A birthday he will remember for a lifetime. :)

MrsMomma said...

It'll be a day he will treasure forever! What a wonderful time I'm sure you all had! Happy Birthday to him!


Mommy said...

We had so much fun, and now my Hubby really wants to do it. Look what you started, LOL:)

Karina said...

oK Im actually in tears! I also got to see my husband jump for the first time and it was soo awesome to see him soo happy, I truly know what your feeling!

Mica Garbarino said...

that was soooo cool!! What a wonderful lil wifey you are. what a great gift.. I really love the whole story !!! Happy birthday to him by the way !!! Hugs to you. Mica

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