Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Random FYI Meme

I was tagged by A Cup Of Joy

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Random FYI:

1. I was home schooled and am now going to home school my own children

2. I was a horse crazy girl (still am) and owned four horses (not at one time), and miss riding them. :(

3. I am 4 feet eleven and half inches tall

4. I met my best friend, on the Internet through a Christian homemaker's forum. After emailing each other back and forth for almost five years, she moved to my state, and we have finally met, and now see each other about four times a year. :)

5. I have a sister in law with the same first name and last name as mine

6. I have nightmares about loosing my teeth. Not *very* often, but often enough to freak me out several times a year. ;-)

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Mica said...

thank you for tagging me. that was fun. I love the elephant jumping on the trampoline... it made me laugh. Miss Bri From Elephant Dreams

MrsMomma said...

My post will be up Saturday morning. Thanks for the tag, it was fun!


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