Friday, August 22, 2008

Show and Tell Friday~Our Doggie Fritz

Show and Tell

This is our puppy "Fritz". A while back I posted a quick picture post about him, but never "told" how we came to get him.

There is a little story behind him. Actually an adventure. ;-)

After Keyotte died, we were feeling a bit empty in the house. Before Keyotte even died though, I had started to research about different dog breeds. I was planning on getting a dog sometime after Tiny Boy turned three. I figured that was a good age to puppy train a puppy, since Tiny Boy hopefully wouldn't need so much attention by then

My dog breed list had very certain criteria that needed to be stuck to:
1. Good with children!!!
2. Small dog breed
3. Doesn't Shed
4. Has very few genetic problems
5. Travels well

So that was my list, and I came across the miniature schnauzer breed. I checked into a breeder here. $800! WOW! That was something that we would defiantly have to save up for.

Then Keyotte died. The house was Quiet, and Sweetie was kind of depressed. So I started on the lookout for a dog.

I checked into Petfinder; but couldn't find a puppy schnauzer. They were all adult dogs, and the people putting them up for adoption were very adamant about not putting them in homes with small children.

So I sort of gave up. Then one day about seven days after Keyotte died, I decided to just look for "puppy" in petfinder. Perhaps I was being too picky about a specific breed?

One of the first pages to pop up there were *two* schnauzer puppies!!!

So I called up the human society that were offering them up. One was female and the other was male.

The lady told me that the female had been inquired about eight times. The male had no inquires.

There was one catch to getting the puppy. It was a first come first serve basis, and they either went through Petco, or a local flea market to adopt them out.

Fritz was at the flea market, which wasn't local for me. About a three hour drive.

So on a Friday night, I loaded up my van with the girls, and left Tiny Boy at home with Daddy. I went to stay overnight at my mom's, as the city was only an hour and a half away from her. She and our good friend also accompanied us to this city.

We got there *just* as they were unloading the dogs, and I grabbed up my little Fritzy and told them that I wanted him.

He was only $250, including new puppy shots, neutering, and a micro chip implanted into him.

Fritz has been the best little dog for our family. He has fit right in. He is good with the kids, he is affectionate, and also warns us of *every* *little* *noise* that is out of place, LOL!

I believe the Lord allowed us to have this doggie. The Lord knew *how much* I wanted a schnauzer puppy. He also knew that we couldn't afford to buy one full price. And he just happened to give me the idea to look for "puppy" instead of schnauzer on Jesus hand picked out Fritz for us; I believe. Fritz has grown on all of our hearts. :)


Penless Thoughts said...

He gives us the desires of our heart!!!

ceekay said...

Your Fritz is so precious. I would love a puppy just like him.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet story! Wow, the internet is so helpful in finding pets too. I'll have to keep that in mind. He's a cutie. I think my other friend got a similar breed and I'm pretty sure his name is Fritz too. Her blog-On the Dry Side. Small world.

Carla said...

I do believe God works in mysterious ways and there are no accidents! What a neat story-may Fritz continue to bless your family for many many years!

Anne Fannie said...

Your little Fritz is truly a wonderful gift from God! My parents had a minature schnauzer for 18 years! He was the best dog anyone could have! I wish you many years of wonderful companionship! What a great post for show and tell friday.
Love, Ann

Kelli said...

Awww...what a sweet puppy and it sounds like he fits right in with your family!

MrsMomma said...

What an encouraging story, and such a cute puppy!


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