Thursday, October 23, 2008

Now I Feel Special ;-)

First off, I want to say "Thank you" for all the encouraging comments that I got. I'll be honest with you. The reason I posted that was this.
Many times, through all the pictures, and my positive writings, it can lead the impression that I am *almost* perfect. ;-) And that I am not! Let me tell you!
I know how I feel when I see others who seem to have "together" their houses always seem clean, their children's clothing is unstained, and they never seem to get irritated. It can be discouraging at times. And you start to compare yourself among yourselves, which the Lord says isn't wise. So I thought. Hmmm....I'll just show everyone that I am not always what I seem to be! Sometimes this Mommy's heart isn't very nice!
Jokingly, but in reality it isn't, I always say I didn't find out what a sinner I was until I got married. And then after the kids came, I am finding out more and more how dirty my "works" are in God's eyes.
Which makes me *very* thankful that Jesus died for me. Because I KNOW I would be in Hell if it weren't for him. :)
Now. Let me tell you why I feel special. I feel special because my blogging buddy Amy, was inspired by my post to start a little meme about how other ladies handle their stress, or at least manage it. ;-)
Starting tomorrow, you can write up a post on your blog and then go to her blog and leave a link in her comments to your post about how you manage your stress. If you don't have a blog you can just share in her comments a tip on managing stress.
I think it is a *wonderful* idea myself. ;-) And I hope this becomes a regular thing we can do. So please join in and lets help one another out in this journey! :)

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