Friday, October 31, 2008

What Children say about Obama

Mat 21:16
And said unto him, Hearest thou what these say? And Jesus saith unto them, Yea; have ye never read, Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings thou hast perfected praise?

(Children Simplify things so much. Listen to Bean and her simple Campaign. Vote according the the *truth*.)


Mommy said...

Too cute!!! I love it:)

Amy ~ (Life's Small Treasures) said...

Too Cute! We are McCain supporters too!!!!!

This election needs much prayer.

Tammy said...

Love it! :D

Every time we see an Obama sign, my six yr old says "But he's lying!!!"

Pink Slippers said...

I can't understand how SOME people that are Christians or Mormons can vote OBAMA knowing he supports abortion and ones that survive abortion to still be termintated.

concerned parent said...

I can't imagine how you can teach your child this kind of thing. It's called brainwashing and you should be ashamed of yourself. Children are canvases that you can hurt deeply and scar for life. Why not be positive and encourage them in good ways? Please take a course on parenting so you know what you are doing to them.
You may have had good intentions but ask any child psychologist what you are doing and maybe they can help you to not hurt their psyche in this manner.
Just trying to help and inform you of the seriousness of parenting in an undestructive way. Thanks for listening.

Mommy said...

Whoever this "concerned" parent is. I cannot fathom in my adult mind how this would be considered brain washing, when public schools are teaching kids sex education before they even hit puberty.

Tell me how "psycologists" can say that teaching children about that they came from monkeys cannot scare them for life?

Or how about the fact that millions upon millions of children are sexually abused by parents, teachers, and "trusted" adults.

"That" my friend is something to be extrememly ashamed of.

I am sorry you are so concerned about this. That I am teaching my children the "truth" sometimes the "truth" isn't positive. But if you look through my blog, you can see that I do "TONS" of positive and *good* things!

Look at the Samartians Purse charity we give, or studying nature as God created it. Or the field trips we go on.

My parents taught me the truth about murder and stealing, and I am a stable law abiding adult, who loves my parents, my children, and my husband.

I am sorry if you view this as brain washing. But it isn't. Brainwashing is taking taking a lie and sugar coating it to look like the truth.

How is teaching my little girl that pulling an unborn baby out of it's mommy's tummy and crushing it to death brainwashing? It's the truth. It is brutal. But it's the truth. And that is what that man stands for.

How is teaching my child not to take candy from the check out line because we cannot it afford it, but all the rich little kids can afford it wrong? But that is what this man does.

The world is full of hate and meaniness. I homeschool my kids, and homeschoolers are accused all the time of not allowing their children to see the "real" world. But when we teach them the "truth" about the real world we are deemed as brainwashing them? HA!

I don't do this type of thing every day my lady. (The video) This came from a conversation that we had had earlier when my little girl saw a sky writter plane in the sky that said, "God Loves Babies Vote for Life" and she asked me what it meant. What was I supposed to tell her? That Santa Clause was real? Which is what many parents do to their children.

My parents told me that Santa was real, and I was *CRUSHED* when I learned that he wasn't, and I couldn't believe my mom told me he exsisted if I believed him, when he really didn't.

There are MANY more things to concern yourself over. So please take a course in truth yourself, and get over it.

Mica said...

sounds like this concerned person is very lost indeed. Someone who is insecure in themselves, probably had a bad bringing up and has been brainwashed in the wrong directions. I certainly feel sorry for this lost soul and will pray for them. Too bad they can't fess up their identity as well. You see; another sign of insecurity. Don't be mad at them, just feel pity and sarrow for their lack of truth and understading and that they had the nerve to bring someone down... like they don't have anything better to do. That's how insecure people feel big is when they tear someone else down. How pathetic. Dear conncerned one. I feel sorry for you. You should be awfully ashamed of yourself. You have nothing to back yourself up with.I do, that is TRUTH. I will pray for you.


Matic Studio said...

well, as a Christian mother of two VERY curious and truthful children, I KNOW you are raising your children to be advocates of the truth, and God's Truth regarding creation and the laws he has given humanity.

Just because the truth may be ugly does NOT mean that it shouldn't be screamed from the mountaintops. We are to be a people of our word, and the Word, and sometimes that means offending nonbelievers and the unsaved.

I applaud you for answering your daughter's question in truth and love, and the "concerned parent" speaking such nonsense of brainwashing and the sort is obviously a very liberal, world-following individual who would disagree with anything you do because that is what we are to expect from the world. We do NOT belong here and we are to be Heavenly-minded until the day we are taken up to be with our Creator. But while here on Earth, we will be criticized and persecuted for speaking and living and loving the Truth.

So, Mommy, hold your head up high as a daughter of the King and a keeper of His Word and continue to raise your children to question and weigh the "truths" they here from the media against God's Word, and 20 years from now, you WILL be looking at God-fearing, well-adjusted, independent and lovers of humanity; dare I say advocates who will FIGHT for the rights of the unborn.

God bless you and keep fighting the good fight, my friend!

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