Thursday, November 6, 2008

I have disabled Anon Comments

I keep getting an "anon" comment on my controversial posts. So whoever keeps posting "anonymously" keeps up with this blog.

I appreciate your views, but if you can't identify yourself in someway, I am not going to "listen". This is my blog. I don't mind discussing things and talking about them, but I find it quite annoying that you are too coward to identify yourself in some way. There are purposes for making yourself anon...for personal security reasons. Which is why my name is "Mommy" on this blog. But you have no way of letting me get ahold of you. If you want to discuss this, you can email me, and identify yourself and we will talk.

But for now, I am disabling the anon option on my comments.

Yes, I did design the Hitler vs. Obama button on my blog. Maybe someone else had the same idea on the Internet. There are others who feel the same way I do. I don't hate Hitler...He is accountable to God. And I don't hate Obama.

But he and Obama have some uncanny similarities. Not that they are exactly alike. I doubt that Obama will kill those who disagree with him. But he does have a trancing power over people's minds it seems. And I don't blame the people for this. They are starved for love and encouragement. Obama seems to be giving them that. So did Hitler...for a time.

But anyway, I am refraining myself from political posts for now. Jesus is more important yes. And yes, Jesus did, negate those who didn't agree with the Word of God. They were called Pharisees. And he was pretty crass and blunt with them at times. Calling them white washed tombs with dead man's bones inside. Calling them snakes, and other things.

Jesus was compassionate yes... but he showed his compassion on those who knew they were nothing in God's eyes. He did not tolerate self-righteousness.

So, having said that. :) Please email me, tell me who you are, and we can discuss this privately if you so choose.


crystal said...

I for one enjoy your opinions. They are very thoughtful and enlightning and should be said.
I have found all too often in life that the people who get hateful and defensive about something are the ones who are wrong but feel they have to prove something.... God does not want us to fight, discuss yes, but never fight and never to be hateful and backbiting.

Thank you for your truthfulness and your courage to post these things when others are so set against it.

Many Blessings and Prayers your way today.

Pink Slippers said...

I secondly enjoy your opinions

Jennifer said...

I'm not completely convinced that he won't be more like Hitler.....if not him who is he opening the door for?
Will the next resident be worse then this????

I pray I am being way paranoid....

from cafemom

Jennifer said...

We definitely are not the only ones thinking this

I hope that link works.....if it doesn't happen with Obama I think he is opening the door for the one who will.


Mica said...

you tell 'em !!! Hugs and support always, Mica

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