Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wordless Wednesday~Princess Power!

This can't be such a Wordless Wednesday. I have to explain these photos. Look in my Sidebar, and see the description of Sweetie? Do you see how I described her? Now look at these photos. Am I not correct? ;-)

For More Wordless Wednesday Pictures visit Five Minutes For Mom


jayedee said...

you go girl! girls can do ANYTHING!

Amy said...

Loved these pictures! Woo hoo! Princess with an adventurous heart! Love it!

Great WW! I need to work on mine too...gulp! A bit behind today!

Marina Kuperman said...

wow, she's good. my husband is a hard core climber. he would be super impressed with this:)
WW - Check out the Tongue!

MrsMomma said...

She reminds me of the song "anything you can do, I can do better." Love the whole tutu wearing, rock climbing, bona fide princess! What an oxymoron. Definitely pictures to treasure!

Andrea said...

haha...that is awesome - what a great daughter you've got there! Every princess should try rock climbing! ;)

Cassidy said...

WOW! YOU GUYS ROCKED!!!! Looks like you had much fun too!!!


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