Friday, January 30, 2009

Modest Doesn't Have to be "Frumpy"

Recently, browsing my favorite blogs, I heard of a semi-new home based business ran by two sisters, that sells modest clothing at "affordable prices". I checked it out, and I was *VERY* impressed with what I saw.

It really was very pretty, and very feminine, modest, clothing at affordable prices!

I ordered these two blouses:
And I spent $23 for the both of them. The first top was on sale for $6.99. You can't find a cute top with that kind of price in stores!
What I like about these two tops that I chose, is that they can be dressed down or up. A black skirt, and you got a nice going to church outfit.
Pair it with denim, and you are casual, yet stylish!
So give Bellissima a try. Not only do they have the cute tops, but they have accessories such as jewelry, purses, and jackets to wear over strapless formals. Plus a wide variety of cute, and stylish skirts; all at unbeatable prices!


Joelswife said...

Thanks for sharing some of those tops and you can't beat some of their prices!!
Added to my favorites!

Tammy said...

Thanks for the link...with two little girls ages 9 and 6, it's hard to find good styles for even their age half the time! I love the tops that you purchased! :)

Under the Florida Sun said...

HI there! Saw that you were following me. You have a beautiful blog here.
I love this post! Having two teen girls myself I always love to find modest clothing for them that isn't 'frumpy' lol!

Have a great day!

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