Thursday, March 12, 2009

Family Circles

Doorposts is a neat little company that puts out many products that encourages a home to base everything they do in scripture. One neat little thing they have is called Family Circles.

Here is their description of the product:

Do you ever wonder if you are spending enough time with each of your
children individually? Do you ever feel like you should set aside your work
sooner in order to spend more time with your children or spouse? Do you ever
feel like you really don’t know the people you live with?
This little kit,
combined with your resolve, could change the whole atmosphere of your home. It
is designed to help you set aside time each day for each of your children and
for your spouse.
It is simply two circles mounted on a piece of paper. The
large circle is divided into sections for each child in your family. The smaller
circle is divided into sections listing activities to share with your spouse.
Around the outside of the large circle different activities are written. As
you turn the circle each day, it will tell you what special thing to do with
each person that day.
We can’t tell you how much this has affected our
family! We are getting to know each other in a way we never have before. It has
helped us to spend time with each child each day. And it has renewed our
marriage. (Really! This isn’t just sales hype!)
We know you could do this
yourself--we’re just trying to make it easier for you! This kit gives you:
more detailed description of the idea and its results
Circles already drawn
and marked for dividing into the desired number of sections
Suggestions for
profitable activities to rotate
Drawings to paste onto each section so that
eager non-readers will know what they "get to do with Daddy today"
Instructions for assembly
All you need is scissors, ruler, pen, paste,
and a brad fastener!

So I have set one up for our little family, and we will see how it plays out. I really like this idea. I know I need to spend time more one on one time with each child. I tend to spend more with one or the other on any given week. Depending on who is "acting" out more, LOL!

I have six different activities to do with each child each week. So we will see how it goes. But I thought I would let anyone out there know about it, and maybe they too could give it a try. :)


Persuaded said...

what a nifty little contraption that is! i could have really used that when my kids were younger... please do let us know how it works out with your crew☺

Tammy said...

It all of our busy lives, this is such a neat little idea! Let us know how it works for you! :)

Esther Ruth said...

Looks neat Heather...I'll check it out more!

Kelli said...

That is so neat! Both Phillip and I spend one on one time with the girls and Benjamin. They love it!

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