Monday, March 30, 2009

Mint Chocolate

Now Available!!


Persuaded said...

oh heather.. you're torturing me!! these are just soo cute♥

would you be willing to maybe maybe maybe make one in millen's size?? or maybe sell me the directions so i can make her one myself?

can you tell i just love this design??;)

Pink Slippers said...


Persuaded said...

ok... here's my solution to my angst and deprivation...

i am going to buy one of these culottes from you for a friend's daughter (prolly size 6) BUT i'll take a look at the pieces and how it is constructed before i hand it along to her. then i'll be able to make some up for millen myself. brilliant?

i prayed about this last night and when i woke up, i had that idea. is that ok with you? ☺

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