Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Oatmeal Goodness

As promised, here is a post on how I Roll/crush my oatmeal ♥

First I have my Bosch Universal Mixer. This baby is waaay better than Kitchen Aide. I had Kitchen Aide when we were first married and I enjoyed it immensely. But when I began to bake my own bread I read in several places that the Kitchen Aide would not cut it when I wanted to mix dough with my Whole Wheat Flour. It would burn the moter out.

Bosch has been around for years, and it comes with a limited lifetime warranty. My husband bought ours with a tax return when we were pretty poor. They are fairly pricey. Around $500, but sooooo worth the price!

The attachments that you see next to my Bosch mixer are from the Family Grain Mill. The Family Grain Mill is a versatile hand cranked mill and oat roller/flaker. You don't need a BOSCH to Roll your own oats.

The Family Grain Mill was given to me by my parents as a graduation gift from college. I know. I am a weird girl. I actually asked that from them when they asked me what I wanted, LOL!

When my husband bought me the BOSCH he also bought the connector that allows the Family Grain Mill and Flaker to become motorized through the BOSCH mixer

So here it is all set up to roll the oats.

We buy our Oat Groats in 5 gal Pails that are CO2 packed. The place we buy them from is The Bread Becker's out of Woodstock Georgia. They have several co-op groups through the South and South East. If you visit their website, they give a list of where their co-ops are at.Here are whole oat groats

These are what Whole Oat Groats look like

In the hopper ready to be crushed and rolled and flaked

Coming out of the Roller into a glass pan

All the oats have been crushed and rolled

Now, I have a pan of boiling water going, and I add the oats to the water

I let simmer about four minutes

Then let it set five more minutes to cool down

Add some Raw uncooked honey

Add some pure vanilla extract. My husband actually makes ours. Yum!!!

Add lots of Cinnamon. Cinnamon is *VERY* good for you.

Organic Milk

And Raisins to mine. The kids don't like Raisins in theirs.

So there you have it. That's how I Crush/roll my oats. ♥


Amy said...

Yum! That bowl at the end looks delicious!

Karina said...

Man I need to get me one of those rollers....is the taste so much better, IM sure the quality is superb....

Karina said...
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Esther Ruth said...

That looks sooooo good Heather. So you need the mill to make this, but not the Bosch right?

Jennifer said...

Well, I just finished eating dinner - and those photos still made me hungry! I love oatmeal!! Thanks for sharing your secret...by the way, how expensive is just the roller (hopefully not as much as the Bosch!) Happy..healthy...eating!

Persuaded said...

i know envy is a sin... but i am experiencing deep feelings of envy for your oatmeal. i love oatmeal, even though all i have ever had is the plain old from the store carton kind. i expect that yours is in a completely different solar system... a much yummier solar system;)

have a blessed day, my dear♥

Karina said...

Im trying to research, is this better for you than buying already rolled?

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