Friday, May 15, 2009

Where Have I been?

Well, I have some lovely comments in my comment moderation box....and I just haven't had *time* to get to them. I am SO SO SO sorry!

I have been busy sewing up a storm, trying to promote my etsy business, taking care of three little squirts, homeschooling, Mops, AND we also got bit with some kind of bug. It is worse than a regular cold, but not as severe as a flu.

I have been really evaluating about my time I spend online. I am thinking of just making ONE big blog....and since I really would like to start promoting my business at Felicity Cottage, I believe I will be blogging mainly over there.

However....this blog will remain here for your reading pleasure. AND my Felicity Cottage Blog will still have other posts in it besides everything to do with my business. It will include homeschooling, family life, my opinions, and everything that I would normally write about here.

So please hop on over to Felicity Cottage's Blog and follow me there...pretty please with a cherry on top! :)

And I will try try try to get to all the sweet comments that were left for me some time this week. Thanks for understanding! ♥

1 comment:

Persuaded said...

Off I go my dear!!

I'm just so glad to see you back♥

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