Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oh Me Oh My!

I think this boy needs a brother. Tu-Tu (pun intended) many girls are in the house.
I was sitting at the computer this morning checking Facebook, and these precious princesses greeted me. Only one of them was indeed the ugliest princess I have ever seen! Of course they giggled and laughed and thought they played a good joke on me. If only their father could see them.
Oh Me Oh My!


Lauren said...

I think I should show the youth pastor! ;) J/k... we've seen photos of Adam in a similar getup! Too funny!!

Terry said...

hee hee...i love it!

Karina said...

LOL so cute!

Mrs. C said...

You need to save this one to use as bribery when he gets older. :)

Esther Ruth said...

LOL, Rod would have freaked out, told Peter to get that off this minute LOL.

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