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Simplifying Christmas Day 7~Simple Gift Ideas

We are on day seven of the Simplifying Christmas Meme! Today's topic is "Simple Gift Ideas"

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Ok, so lets talk about gifts, Especailly in the area of children. At least for me anyway I know it's hard not to go all gung hoe.

Several people have meantioned that you do three gifts apiece for your children. I really love that idea.

I decided to adopt that idea myself this year. And it truly has really has simplified things. But it was *REALLY* hard not to get more.

This is my gift list for this year:

Sweetie, seven year old girl:

1. A whole set of American Girl Books

2. A knitting loom and ball of yarn

3. Easy Bake Oven

Bean, five year old girl:

1. A Jewlery making kit

2. A real tea set, painted by mommy

3. Snow White the movie

Little Tiny Boy, 3 year old boy:

1. Legos

2. Buzz Light Year movie sized action figure

3. Spiderman action figure with spiderman car

So here goes my philosphy on my "simple gifts"

I will be reading these books out loud to Sweetie and Bean will most likely listen in. The Knitting Loom can be used by everyone. ;-) And So can the Easy Bake oven. Although Sweetie will most likely be in charge of it. These gifts are all good for the mind and creativity

Bean's gifts will also be used by the others. She will be sharing her tea set as she serves tea, and the girls have anxiously been awaiting Snow White to come out on DVD. The jewelry making kit is something that Bean especially requested. And it's also good for creativity.

Tiny Boy's gifts. Well, the Lego's can be shared by all. The last two toys aren't exactly "simple" but they didn't cost a lot. I got them on sale. And the poor boy is sorely lacking in some really manly toys. He plays with his sister's Poly Pocket car at times, good grief! ;-)

None of the gifts are "practical" but my personal opinion is that Christmas is a time for "special". I don't buy toys for my children much during the year. Not because I think it's wrong to, or am I gearing up for "Christmas".

But since they go shopping with me (ALL. THE. TIME) I don't want them to come to expect that I'll pick up stuff for them every time we go out. I am proud to say that I have never had a tantrum in the store over a "must have toy". I just simply say, "I can't buy that right now" they put it back, and that's that.

So Christmas and birthdays are a nice excuse to give them toys. ;-) It simplifies things during the year this way too.

Also clothing. Clothing I view as a necessity. I buy it as we need it. And sometimes that isn't during Christmas. Now last year for Christmas I did buy the girls Disney Princess panties instead of the generic panties that are like three dollars cheaper. :)

And this year I think I am going to get some fruit roll ups and other "snacky" items to put into stockings instead of candy. Because that is something that I NEVER buy. Only Nana buys that kind of stuff! ;-)

They somehow pawn candy off of complete strangers sometimes. Not joking. I went to the dollar store the other day, and the check out lady asked if she could give them candy. Crazy!

Another thing I do to simplify gifts is to give the same gift to immediate family, but give a few variations or none at all.

One year I painted a red plate with the words "You are Special Today" with special glass paint. I have even made these for bridal shower gifts

Another year I made photo quilts like this for the grandparents:

So those are a few ideas on how I try to simplify gifts. How do you Simplify Gifts?
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Esther Ruth said...

Sounds like the children will enjoy their gifts Heather! I was considering giving Sarah a potholder loom kit or a knitting Nancy thing:)

Mommy said...

I still have that plate in a special packing place:) I LOVED it and used it alot:)

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