Thursday, December 10, 2009

Simplifying Christmas Day 9~ Giving to Those in Need

We are on day eight of the Simplifying Christmas Meme! Today's topic is "Giving To Those In Need"Click on the Christmas Button above to get details on this meme, and join in on the fun! To see the prize you could win CLICK HERE. To win this prize, either write about this topic on your blog, and link back to here, and post your link in the MckLinky at the bottom of this post, or leave a comment about this topic. :)

I believe part of Christmas is the old adage of "It is better to give than to receive". I also believe that we should have giving hearts everyday of the year besides Christmas.

But, Operation Christmas Child is such an awesome way to demonstrate giving at this time of year. These kids have little to nothing in the way of worldly possessions. And showing them that someone out there cares and loves them, softens their hearts to listen and hear the gospel. Watch this and prepare to bawl your eyes out!

OK. So now I need a tissue...again! But that's a good thing. ♥

Almost every year since Sweetie was around three years old, I have been participating with my MOPS group in packing a shoe box. I LOVE doing this with my kids. We go to the dollar store and find all sorts of wonderful goodies to put in a shoe box. I love seeing my kid's hearts for the other boys and girls come out. They want to pick the best for the person they are packing for.

We write a letter and color some pictures to the child that will be getting the box

Then we pack it up and shut it good and tight
Next, we deliver it to a drop off area
We are excited to believe God is going to do something special with the shoe box we packed....well us girls are excited. Tiny Boy on the other hand is in dire need of a nap! ;-)
Giving doesn't have to be complicated. I read a story that was posted by a friend on facebook about her little girl giving a necklace she made out of straws to a demo lady at the grocery store. The demo lady cried because someone had broken into her home and stolen all of her jewelery. The Straw necklace made her so happy! Wow! A little girl's craft brought a lot of joy into someone's life.

I also think that giving simplifies things in our lives. It helps put things in proper perspective. Some of the children in Operation Christmas Child live in a garbage dump. A literal garbage dump. They scrounge around the dump for their food and rare items to be sold.

It really shows how MUCH we have already doesn't it?

What about you? Do you participate in something like Operation Christmas Child? Do you do something through your church, or as a family? I would love to read and hear about it. Be sure to sign the MckLinky. :)


MommyTof3 said...

Oh my ggoodness-talk abt tears falling-thsi touched my heart deeply-such a beautiful thing to see-I think we have just started a new tradition-Thanks:)

Sharla said...

We do the Operation Christmas Child and the Salvation Army tree. Just dropped off those gits today! MJ still doesn't quite understand the reasons why some kids don't get Christmas presents, but we're working on it. I have the kids take the OCC box to the church that collects them, so they can see all of the boxes and what a large operation it is. I also have them drop some money into every Salvation Army Kettle that we see at this time of year.

Esther Ruth said...

So wonderful Heather...made me tear up too.

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