Monday, August 18, 2008

The Lord Answers Prayers In *HIS* Own Good and Perfect Way

This post is a little break from my normal kind of blog posts.... The Child's Paper, prompted me to write about my best friend. :)

There is a saying that goes along the lines that a true friend is very hard to find. I believe that this is a very true statement, or ditty, or saying, or whatever you want to call it.

My personality is kind of shy. As I near my 30's (yikes, I can't believe I actually wrote that!) it is getting better. I don't know why I am so quiet and shy. But I always tend to believe my personality is a "deep thinker" so it makes it hard for me to connect with other ladies around my age. For some reason, it just seems it is *all* "light" talk, and nothing meaningful, or thought provoking.

I love deep discussions on many subjects, and I don't really like "The weather is horrible today!" kind of talk. I mean, there is a time and place for that kind of talk. But when it comes to actually getting to know a person better, I don't like to talk about weather, lol! So as a result, I always tended to make friends with older women who are experienced in life, marriage, and children. And we have good heart to heart talks. :)

But still, I always kind of felt lonely... So I began to pray. To pray for a "true" friend who would understand my strange ways, and I would understand her strange ways, lol! I prayed for a long time. I prayed for YEARS in fact.

But stupid, dummy me, didn't see, that the Lord had answered my prayer, almost within a few months! I just didn't notice, because he didn't answer my prayer the way *I* thought he was going to. It always seems to work that way, does it not? ;-)

Around the time that I began to pray for a true, kindred spirit friend, I found an online Christian Woman's Forum. It was called the MOMSboard. Owned by Steve and Terri Maxwell. It was a Christian discussion board, and a *very* safe place to chit chat with other Christian moms.

One day, I posted something, and in my post, it caught the eye of another young mom. She emailed me because of my post, and we never stopped emailing each other. :)

We shared our struggles, victories, and slowly got to know one another. She had a little girl, the same age as Sweetie. We both got married the same year. We both are so MUCH the same in so many ways, yet that perfect blend of differences that make us individually unique to give variety to our friendship.

Still dummy me, I kept praying for a "true" friend. See, I was expecting a friend to be in the flesh. Not someone I wrote to in an email, and occasionally sent a few pictures a year to. But... nevertheless this sweet young lady possessed all the same qualities that I heard that a true friend would have.

Esther, lived about 1,000 miles away from me. And I had SOOOOO many times wanted to come visit her. But it just seemed to never work out. We each had two more pregnancies and in one of her pregnancies she had twins.

Then one day, she told me something shocking.... She told me that her husband was thinking about moving to our state... that he was seeking a job position. And it was only about 2 1/2 hours from where I lived!! He got the position.

After five years of correspondence we were going to finally meet!!! And when we met, we connected as true friends do. I often find myself AMAZED at how unique the Lord is and how he does things. I was such a dummy! The Lord answered my prayer almost right away, and I just didn't see it.

Esther and I can share things with each other, that most people would be afraid of offending someone else over. Esther and I are very different; coming from different backgrounds, and different perspectives. But we are also so much the same in many things it is uncanny.

I really don't know where to begin to describe Esther.

She has a beautiful, spirit. She is compassionate, and understanding. She is a very good momma, and works so hard to make her home a haven for her husband and children. She has a very romantic view point on life, and I love hearing her talk about her ideas, and philosophies on important issues. It is almost like she is poetic. ;-)

She enjoys being a woman, and she enjoys being a mother. Her children adore her, and they should! :)

Esther has a good sense of humor, can take a joke, and we can laugh and laugh over our silly "mommy brains" that are too tired to think, and then we do, or say something dumb because of it.

Esther has also taught me so much about so many things. It is impossible to list all of them. She introduced me to the virtues of Charlotte Mason, (The method of homeschooling we will be using) she showed me selflessness when she took her own birthday money and spent it on things for her children to enjoy. She has shown me what it means to be determined, and dedicated, and to take joy in the simple pleasures of life. The colors in a painting...the expressions on peoples faces...the way children interact with one another...the pleasant smell of newly dried laundry. Esther is a special and unique lady who loves Jesus, and is a REAL GENUINE person who bares her heart and love to me and to others. There is just sooooo much *depth* to this special lady's soul, that I have only begun to scratch the surface. But God answered my prayer:

God is good. He gave me one of the best ladies out there to be my "true" friend, and I almost missed her. :(

PS. Esther also has a blog called Ancient Paths School House. It is a blog dedicated to her philosophy in education, and MANY Charlotte Mason resources to browse through. :)


Amy said...

What a woman of true beauty she is!

I love this... such a precious treasure a friend is...

Hugs.. Amy

Karina said...

I came by to tell you thank you for your kind words on my blog and was blessed by your post on your friend. What a treasure! thanks for sharing!

Roderick. said...

Heather, I was crying as I read this. Happy tears of course. I am so thankful that you are my friend. I am so happy to be a blessing and to be loved. You are loved just as deeply and you are a prized treasure in my heart:) I know that we will remain the closest of friends for all our earthly lives and that we will grow in the things of God, womanhood, wifehood, motherhood, and educating together. I love you very much:)

"Sweetdove" said...

Oops! I was logged in as my husband lol! It would be nice if blogger automatically logged you out:) Anyway, my hubby was not crying, I, Esther, your friend, was LOL!

Love you!

A Romantic Porch said...

That is such a sweet and touching tribute to your friend. I'm so glad you have her. xorachel

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