Thursday, October 2, 2008

Show and Tell & Feminine Friday~Favorite Accessories

Show and Tell

I am going to try and kill two birds with one stone today... And I hope it is OK with the fine ladies at No Place like Home and The Barefoot Mama.
I am going to show you a few pieces of my favorite accessories that I love to wear.

This is a necklace that my Mother in law made. She designed it for the bridesmaids in my sister in law's wedding. I was one of the bridesmaids, so I got one. :)
I think it is so delicate and feminine. It is also simple. I just *love* simple pieces of jewelry. For some reason, simple jewelry seems to bring out the beauty in the woman.
If the piece is large and bold, that is all I notice. ;-)

You can't tell from the lighting in the picture, but the beads are swarovski crystals, and they are a beautiful smokey purple color and clear. It is breath taking in person. :)
The next piece, which I love to wear with the above necklace, I found at my favorite retail store; T*arget! ;-) It too, is delicate and simple, and also *very* feminine.
This picture is kind of blurry. It is very hard to take a close up picture of your ear! ;-) This piece of jewelry is a bit more fancy than what would I normally choose, but it is still simple enough as to not distract me. And I love how the pearls and crystal are together. It is just very stunning and feminine to me.

This picture was taken last Christmas at my husband's Christmas work party. I am wearing the necklace, earrings and headband together.

I just love how simple, feminine, and elegant the effect is. :)

Be sure to visit Kelli's and Kelly ;-) to see some other lovely items.

PS. I want to thank everyone for the sweet comments they left me on my last Show and Tell post. It is extremely hard to go and visit each one of your blogs during the week, and the weekend was a stressful one for me. I'll try to be a better friend this week. So sorry! Sweetie is going to visit her Nana for two days, so hopefully, I will have a bit more spare time. Thank you again. Those comments mean alot to me. :)


Sarah C. said...

These are pretty! Thank you for sharing!

Here's mine!

Kathy said...

Your special pieces are really beautiful! And by the way, your have adorable children!

Hootin' Anni said...

Oh I agree...the simple designs bring out the elegance and beauty of the woman. Great show n tell.

My show n tell is Halloween, solar lights since most all my visitors have been asking for some of my halloween decorations I've been setting up...and a set of kitchen linens that match my blog's header that I found! Come on by if you can find time...Happy Friday!

Grammy said...

The necklace that your Mother in law made is quite a treasure. It was made out of love and kindness. That makes it a truly special gift.

Chez Nous said...

What lovely jewelry and you did a great job taking a picture of your ear! I love your mother-in-law's idea of making custom jewelry for the members of the wedding party - I'm putting that in my "Wedding Ideas" file!

Thanks for sharing.

Manuela said...

Very pretty! I love the simplicity of the pieces!


Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

It's been a long time since I've worn a head band...I love it. I Need something new for my long hair, so yea!

Carla said...

I love the detail in beads. This combination is stunning!

Kelli said...

I love simple jewelry too, and your pieces are so beautiful. I love the smokey purple headband!

Mary said...

I love the jewelry, especially that necklace. Your MIL is a very talented woman. Thanks so much for sharing.


Melissa Wertz said...

Beautiful pieces. Thanks for sharing!

Esther Ruth said...

Heather, all those pieces are so elegant and gorgeous! You were *simply* beautiful wearing all three! Loved the blog!!

Tammy said...

I love this exquisite and delicate and feminine.

I don't think I've ever been here before (I'm visiting fellow show and tells) but I loved my visit and hope to be back. You have a beautiful family and your the b\w photos of your children are just precious.

~Tammy @ Lattes and Lollipops

Gayle said...

You are so right that simple jewelry is elegant. I wish I remembered to take the time to put it on.
My Show & Tell

Kelly said...

You are so beautiful! I love that photo of you and your hubs. :o)

I heart all of your jewelry, mama! We have the same taste - I love simple, exquisite pieces. What a treasure that your MIL made that beautiful necklace...and I love Target for jewelry! ;o)

Have a very blessed and bright weekend!

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