Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Another Parent "Brainwashing" their Child

Ok, so... I was accused of brainwashing my child for teaching them the truth. About Obama's views on abortion, and his views on taxing the "rich" to re-distribute to the "poor".

(By the way... we are one of the "poor" hard working families that work for "rich" people, so I am against that idea even though we probably would "benefit" from his policy...short term at least)

In Bean's video below, a "concerned" parent left me a nice comment telling me that I am "brainwashing" my child and ruining her physic.

Ever since that comment, I have been shaking my head. There is *SO MUCH* more things to be brainwashed over than the truth. Like *LIES*. That is what brainwashing is!

It is sugar coating a lie to look so yummy that people believe the lie. And yes many children are brainwashed.

But you can't "brainwash" with the truth. The truth *is*. You can't "change" it, and you can't hide it. For those who seek "truth" sincerely, they will find it.

I am just so baffled that this "concerned parent" thinks that me teaching my little four year old that taking baby out of a mommies tummy before it is due, and then crushing it to death is "brainwashing". It is truth. It happens. Everyday. It is sickening. It is *truth* and Obama supports it.

So what? I told my little girl the truth. Such a shock! Most parents teach their kids that Santa is real. Yet they don't get accused of bad parenting, and being told that they should talk to phycologist about lieing to their children about a man that doesn't exist.

I get chided for brainwashing my child about thievery. I teach her that she isn't allowed to take that which doesn't belong to her. That which she doesn't have the money to buy. I tell her it is wrong to take money from someone so you can use it; even if you *need* it. It is wrong. That's the truth.

But Obama wants to "re-distribute" the wealth. Hmmm.... I am ruining my daughter with the truth! How completely awful.

I am told that I don't do any good with my children,(despite the fact right after that video we baked cookies to enter into the county fair and before that, we packed shoeboxes to give to underprivledge children with our own money. It wasn't forced from us), and I should be ashamed of myself. The only thing I ashamed of is that there are people calling good evil, and evil good!

Giving money to people in need because God loves them and so do we. That *is* good! Helping unwed mothers find the Lord and birth the *living* soul inside of them *is* good!

*FAR* too many things are passing under our eyes that are harming our children, and people hardly notice.

1. Se*xual abuse is rampant in our country. Children are being molested and used by parents, teachers, and other adults that should be trusted in their lives. That ruins them *far* more than telling them the truth!

2. Children are being *brainwashed* in schools everyday that se*x outside of marriage is ok to do as long as it is "safe". They are educated on how to be "safe", and shown explicit po*ngraphic materials in school to "demonstrate" things. It is *disgusting* and utterly upsetting. And yet, *I* am the bad parent, because I choose to teach my child the *truth*. Something is wrong here people. Terribly wrong.

3. Children are being brainwashed in schools that evolution is a scientific fact, when all it is just a theory, based on man's mere imagination! It takes more faith to believe that this world somehow evolved into what it is. That everything works in harmony and precision, to just "Bang" together. It is impossible. Yet, we Americans are fed, and feed this garbage to our little kindergartners everyday as they sit at desks chocked full of Ritalin.

4. We have over drugged our kids for being ADD, when they are just that kids! Did you know that kids didn't *start* school until they were seven or eight years old. And finished by the time they were 16. *AND* they were smarter than today's kids? It's quite frightening! And most cases of ADD are "diaognosied" before age six? Hmmmm? Something strange there too.

5. Children are being torn apart from their families by divorce. Not many marriages survive these years. Children are harmed and ruined by this. Some make it fine; Jesus, who loves them, helps. But Most are scarred for life. I happen to be happily married; for seven years. I have passed a "danger" zone. And I am GLAD I got married! My hubby is a great guy. He is my hero, and my life is better because of him. And my kids sense the harmony between us.

So. Here is the comment that was left me, in case anyone wants to read it. I don't know who this "concerned parent" is... for all I know I could be related to them. But even if I am. That doesn't change the fact that I will *always* tell my children the truth. I won't lie to them for the sake of being "politically correct". Ever. And if Bean decided to be a Democrat when she grows up. I'll still love her. ;-) But I highly doubt she will swallow lies easily. She is very sensitive to lies. Just ask my mom. ;-)

I can't imagine how you can teach your child this kind of thing.
It's called brainwashing and you should be ashamed of yourself. Children are
canvases that you can hurt deeply and scar for life. Why not be positive and
encourage them in good ways? Please take a course on parenting so you know what
you are doing to them. You may have had good intentions but ask any child
psychologist what you are doing and maybe they can help you to not hurt their
psyche in this manner.Just trying to help and inform you of the seriousness of
parenting in an undestructive way. Thanks for listening.

And, if you have gotten this far; to lighten things up a bit, here are other parents "brainwashing" their child... ;-)


Cassidy said...

WELL SPOKEN!!! Heather, I have been around you with your children and you are a wonderful mother. Your commenter needs to have her head examined... to see if there's a brain in there! That is the nuttiest thing I could ever imagine being said to you! I am committed to "brainwashing" my children with the truth every day of their lives... that way maybe it will sink in and they will grow up to be wise women. It's too bad your commenter was not brainwashed in truth! :(

*HUGS* Cass - your fellow brainwashing mama

Susan said...

Just want to encourage you to keep right on washing those dear little brains! Praise the Lord for Bean's understanding at age four! Keep on telling your kids the truth and pointing them to the Truth, and they will continue to be truly blessed! You are a wonderful, committed, devoted and excellent mom!
Love you!!

Esther Ruth said...

Wonderful blog Heather! You are an awesome mama and have every right to tell your children the truth! Bella is a very smart four year old, and is blessed to have a mother that loves her enough to be honest and real with her:)

Krystal said...

My Dear Sister In Christ,
You will be blessed for standing up for Jesus Christ and for bringing your children up in the Word of God and for teaching His truths. I am very proud of you for sticking up for your beliefs and for Jesus Christ in the face of opposition! You go girl!

Heather said...

great blog! you are not brainwashing them! someone has to speak the truth. i wish everyone would just open their eyes and see it!
on a lighter note, i just tagged you on my blog. check it out and have some fun with it!

Anonymous said...

First of all...I don't consult child psychologist about my children..I consult the Bible. I have 9 children of my own..and I have told them all along the TRUTHS about an Obama presidency. I too have shared the fact with them that abortion is murder, stealing is stealing.(.no matter how you want to frost it.)..that freedoms are dear..that there is ONE TRUE GOD...that gays and lesbians are an abomination to God...that to eat you must work...and that you will be held accountable for what you support (or vote for) in this life. I am PROUD to say that all 4 of my teens agree with me and I pray it continues on into their adulthood and with my other kids too..so they can teach those truths to my grandchildren..And furthermore...if everyone else taught their kids these things..and not worry so much about their psyche(and liberal, sinful views)..The world would be a much better place!!..Jana

Anonymous said...


You know that the only "child psychologist" that your kids need in the One who created their psyches. This commenter is demented: you are a very decent mother and your husband is a good father.

I hope he or she is not related to you, because I don't want to see you two have to deal with such a mean spirit in a familial situation. In any case, if you are rearing your children in the way Jesus would have you do, you will inevitably raise the ire of worldly morons. Take it as a sign that you are doing well with your kids.

May God bless all of your household,
Troy Eckhardt

Mica said...

Let's talk "BRAINWASHED" !!!! This person then in return is brainwashed and blinded by lies.This person you speak of is sick and only wants to bring one down.I agree with everything you said here. People are blinded with lies, lies, lies and they believe them so, it becomes them. They have no clue as to what they are talking about. As far as I am concerned she has no business visiting your lovely blog. If they don't like it "OH WELL".
I too as fo everyone in the world is a brainwasher of sorts. I brainwash my children right from wrong and 2+2=4. You can believe that 2+2=6 but that is not true. All of us know for a fact that it is 4. heck we have been brainwashed for years this truth.... The 10 commandments says do not murder. That also goes for abortion. The killing of a human unborn child who has a heart, a mind and has been made in the image of God. It is horrific. People who don't see that are blind fools. I back you up 100%. and think you are an awesome mother, you are blessed, you have Christ, and you should not ever let a fool get you down. Much love to you dearest friend, Mica

Tammy said...


Although I'm fairly new to your blog, I have to whole heartily agree with you! Truth is truth.
And everything Obama seems to stand for, I am against- and visa versa...because I stand with truth.

And you are probably a tremendous mother!
I know my own girls made their own campaign stickers for McCain this past week- how dare I for getting them involved! ;)

At the moment, at the end of this election night, I'm personally struggling with the sadness and sickening feeling that I'm experiencing at the abrupt news that Obama in the president elect.
I so want to teach my children to be patriotic, so am praying that God works in me to model that as I go through this kind of mourning this week.

And I'm praying for our country like never before!

crystal said...

I am fairly new to your blog but I guess if you are *brainwashing* your children then I am mine also. I teach them what bad things Obama does, I teach them that it is wrong to kill and steal and all the other stuff.

I agree that your children dont need a pshychologits, they need GOD and you are giving them that everyday by teaching them right from wrong.

Whoever this person was that said that you need to worry about what you are doing to your kids pshyche probably doesnt know God. If they did, they wouldnt be so quick to tell you that you are brainwashing your children.

Keep up the Brainwashing...for our Childrens sake.


QuietMom said...

Just found your blog - excellent post!!

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