Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"Tell Me Why Are you Striving"

This song is beautiful! It is almost like my testimony really. So many "Christians" KNOW that they need God's Grace. They KNOW that they are sinners, and are not good enough.

But sooooo many (me included at one time in my life) think that they have to *earn* God's Grace. By going to church, reading their bible, humbling themselves, repenting of their sins, dying to self, being a dedicated Christian worker, etc.

But this won't cut it with God. He isn't impressed with all of our striving, and trying to earn his Grace. Grace is given to us for no reason on our part. God gives it to us, because for some strange reason he loves us sinners. But he also doesn't love us because of our sin either.

God has a true holy balanced character. Sin must be dealt with. And the only way *we ourselves* can deal with sin is to die and go to Hell.

God doesn't want us to go to Hell. So he provided a way through Jesus' death on the cross as payment for our own sins. Jesus carried our sins on his body, and died in our place.

But many do not know that Jesus' death on the cross in the *only* thing that impresses God. Not *our* striving.

So if you want God's grace.... accept it. It's already been provided through Jesus' death on the cross. It's yours to take freely. Only believe that what Jesus did is good enough for your sin.


Persuaded said...


Under the Florida Sun said...

I love this song!
And what a GREAT GREAT post!!!

Anonymous said...

So true~so good~so hard for sooo many! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

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