Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Texas Toadflax

Has your little boy or girl bring these "flowers" to you? And have you thought them to be "just weeds"?

Me too. Until one day, I was looking a facebook friend's profile, in which she had shared a picture of one of these "pretty weeds", and someone told her it was called Texas Toad Flax. And it isn't a weed. It is an herb!

I found this very interesting, as I am trying to learn more about herbs. I even bought a correspondences course to become a "family herbalist". Slowly, but surely, I am making my way through it. ;-)

But anyway, back to the original topic.
Since, this is such a common "weed" I thought I'd share about it. It makes me stop and think what other things we call "weeds" are really useful herbs?

Here is a link to showing a detailed description of this herb:

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Amy said...

How interesting! I'm curious to know how it got its name, as I am from Texas and don't remember ever seeing it before (of course that doesn't mean it's not here, lol). And then, "toad-flax" is just such a funny name anyway!

It is very pretty, though. Does it smell nice?

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