Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fall Happenings

It seems like my life has gotten *busier* than when the kid's were little tiny babies and toddlers. I can barely catch my breath most days it seems.

I even bought myself one of those day planner thingies, and to my utter astonishment each square in the calender seems to be filled.

When I first got married, and I tried to be Martha Stewartish, hubby "invested" in a pretty day planner for me. But Alas! I *NEVER* used the thing. It just wasn't needed.

My life was pretty "boring". Well strike that. It wasn't boring, just I could at least remember what I had to do during the week, because pretty much everyday was the same except for the occasional wedding or baby shower.

So this year is the first year that I am actually using one, and to my utter shock and dismay I *FORGOT* something, even when I wrote it down on my day planner's calendar!

It happened to be the county fair entry forms deadline. And Bean and Sweetie were both looking forward to participating in entering some items.

Thankfully, Praise the Lord, I know someone who knows someone and I was able to enter a few of their projects in the fair.

So the above ditty is why I haven't really been very faithful to my blog except for some memes here and there.

This week was/is no exception in the "busyness" department.

Monday was a MOPS meeting, taking the girls to choir practice and Grocery Shopping.

Tuesday, Cleaning the House, and had wonderful friends over for supper.

And today....well, I was very tired today for some strange reason, and didn't get much done. Tomorrow, I will be working on sewing dresses for the girls upcoming Thanksgiving Choir Performance,

Friday, a field trip to the chocolate factory and a picnic afterwards.

Saturday, a birthday party and the choir performance.

And in the middle of that I need to try to fit some schooling in there and the daily grind of household chores. Such as cooking, making beds, sweeping, feeding the dog, taking the dog to potty, and other fun stuff.

So that's basically it. Just the life of a busy "Stay At Home" mom.

Sigh.....I don't even Want to think about the month of December!

And here is a little "sneak peek" at the dresses I am working on for the girls Thanksgiving Choir performance.


Jen said...

What pretty fall fabric! Wish I was as talented to make a dress for my girls. I'm lucky if I am successful at sewing a button on a shirt.

Oh yeah- be sure to breathe in all of your business! :)

Creative and Curious Kids!

Persuaded said...

Heather, my dear, you are a busy girl now, aren't you?!

The sneak peek you gave of those dresses is very tantalizing... can't wait to see the finished product. You have such a knack for putting prints together, I must say.

(and oh, my gracious, I owe you so many apologies!.. I have not forgotten about resizing that skort pattern for you. It's sitting in my to-do basket and I really want to get it done so very much... I bought some fabric to make up a couple for Millen. Summer ones. *gulp*)

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