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Review of Molly's Money Saving Digest November 2009

I was contacted by "Molly Green" at Econobusters and asked if I would like to review her latest November issue of Molly's Money Saving Digest.

I have been a fan of "Molly Green" for a few months now. I receive her free email newsletter updates, and have already purchased a few of her Digests.

Her digests are *filled to the brim* with awesome ideas and tips on how to save some extra money. The past issues I purchased was Molly makes $5 dinners and $3 dollars desserts, FULL of really tasty recipes. I also purchased October 2009 Money Saving Digest which was about Learning from the Great Depression; which I thoroughly enjoyed, and took away a lot of helpful ideas from that issue.

he November Issue is all about Photography. This issue really caught my attention, as I, within the last year really started to play around with becoming a better picture taker.

This digest covers:

Couponing continued from previous digests

Getting started with scrap booking your family photographs, and how to do it frugally. Scrap booking is something that I have done in the past, and it can get very expensive if you aren't careful! There are helpful links included in the digest that will help you find your supplies at great prices

Digital scrap booking is covered as well.
Digital Scrap booking is something that I have recently begun to play around within the last couple of years, and it is a super duper time saver.... and the end result is amazing! Especially when you get a hard bound book made from it.
Again, links are provided on where to get free or very inexpensive digital scrap booking downloads. I have only heard of website, but have never heard of the other Digital Scrapbooking sites.
There is also *really* cool photo craft idea using a photo collage room divider. And of course many links to other awesome photo crafts, that I am itching to try out!

Another feature in this issue are mouth watering slow cooker recipes. The photographs of these recipes are amazing and tantalizing; I can't wait to try one of them.

The Slow Cooker Lasagna looks soooo good!

An encouraging and practical article about distressing during the holidays is a MUST read for this time of year. It perfectly coincides with my "Simplifying Christmas" meme. (Pssst! Don't forget to sign up! CLICK HERE to read about it more)

There is another awesome article about turning old curtains into something cute and wearable.

My MOST favorite article in this digest was on how to take better pictures. It covered everything from different types of cameras, to different picture hosting websites, free photo editing software, Lighting, Shadows and proper holding of your camera, back drops and props, what to wear, and getting your kids to cooperate. This article was extremely valuable. There was also a piece on how to store your photos safely and properly. I will defiantly be using MOST if not all of these tips when I take pictures next time.

The ending piece of the digest was an inspiring story of one family that bought their house debt free at an amazing price and are slowly remodeling bit by bit debt free. Some amazing before and after pictures are included.
And there is just SOOOO much more in this Digest that I am having a hard time remember all the awesome things written in there.

The ending pages has a list of awesome links to help you save money as well.

This E-Digest only cost $4.95, and all the information in it well worth the price!

Molly is also running a special deal. Buy five previously written digests, and get 20% off the total, PLUS Get the November Digest FREE!

You can find out more information and details for this awesome offer by CLICKING HERE
And just for fun, here is a photograph that I played around with after reading about all the cool photo tips in this issue:



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