Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Simplifying Christmas

This time of year, aka "the holidays", always pops up on me unexpectedly. But this year, it seems I am just getting over the stress last Christmas and it's already Christmas again! And the stress isn't our finances I am talking about.

This year, I really want to make Christmas more Simple and building happy Memories.

Sweetie's most important wish for me is to make her homemade cinnamon rolls to eat for her Christmas breakfast.

Sure she wants presents, but it isn't her focus. It's the whole process of Christmas that she wants to experience.

Another Pet Peeve of mine is "the keeping up with the Jones'" or that "certain lady who's name starts with an "M", that does everything perfectly, because it's her career" mentality of Christmas. Maybe it's just my imagination, or my perception of the whole thing.

But it just feels that way. From presents, to decorations, to Christmas activities. It seems to be done up REALLY big. And I always feel guilty that I didn't do more than I did. Especially buying everyone that "perfect, unique and personal gift".

I am just exhausted thinking about it! Maybe I am Scroogie about this whole thing. But I just want to stop the crazy expectations, and enjoy my family. Build happy memories. Not expectations of how things should be around this time of year. And in turn get upset, stressed, or maybe even a bit bitter over the whole thing.

And it's so easy to get caught up in all the hoop lah!

I think back the the "Little House" series I read when I was little girl. Christmas was a big deal to them. But very simple. I remember reading about how Laura and Mary each received a tin cup, an Orange, a peppermint stick, and a brand new shiny penny. They felt like it was the *richest* Christmas ever. Especially when Mr. Edwards brought out the Sweet Potatoes from his pocket for the Christmas meal!

Why can't it be like that now? Why do we do the things that we do? Is it because we are expected to? Or guilted into it? Or.... are we too spoiled?

So, starting December 1st...I am going to start a "meme" called "Simplifying Christmas" throughout the whole month of December right up to Christmas Eve. My goal is to encourage and be encouraged to keep Christmas Simple. Hope you will join me!

My plan is to have a post everyday about our Christmas preparations, and how we are keeping things simple. Then have a McLinky up so you can post your related "Simplifying Christmas" topic in the McLinky, and we can all get encouraged!♥

I have googled this subject of simplifying Christmas, and have only come across articles that just leave me with a discouraged feeling. So let's pull together!

I think I want to make the first "topic" of discussion of Simplifying Christmas about our Christmas gift list and budget. How should we simplify our gift list? And how should we simplify our budget? I hope to have my post up late November 30th, early December 1st morning. Be thinking about this topic.

Please Sign up join me December 1st!

1. To those who sign up before December 1st, will win a Christmas Goodie package. Something that will be crafted by me and maybe a few other little things. Not sure what as of yet. ;-D

2. Also, if you blog about this meme on your blog, and give a link back to here, and tell me about it the comments you will receive two entries into the giveaway.

3.Share about this on your facebook, and let me know in the comments, and that will earn you another entry.
4.Tweet about it, you will earn another entry. ♥

5. Grab the button up top, or on the sidebar of my blog, post it on your blog somewhere, and comment about it in my comments, and you have gotten yourself another entry. :-D

6.Every time you write a "Simplifying Christmas" post and sign the MckLinky during the meme, that will also count as an entry; giving you the possibility of 24 entries

Don't forget to sign the MckLinky!

Here are a few rules and guidelines to this meme:

1. Publish your Simplifying Christmas post on your blog.
~Please post a link back to the main page of my blog. This is a courtesy to me, as well as your readers--they will know where to join in the fun, too. Feel welcome to use the Simplifying Christmas graphic button.
2. Copy the "permalink" from from your Simplifying Christmas post, not the link to the front page of your blog.
~People may be looking through these links all week long. It you link to your main page, it will be harder to find your Simplifying Christmas post. For instructions on how to do this, go
3. Add your permalink to MckLinky.
~Do not sign MckLinky until you have your Simplifying Christmas post published on your blog. This is only fair to the other participants. Links that I feel are inappropriate will be removed.


Heather said...

I agree! That is funny about the cinnamon rolls--my four year old said the same thing! I am trying to find balance between not doing enough for my family and doing too really is better for my family if I am at home on a December Saturday, messing around in the kitchen, than running around shopping for gifts. It is a fine line, here:)I will try to participate!

Lynn said...

I saw this on Molly's Digest on Facebook. This sounds great. One question though.. Is there a question prompt each day or are we supposed to just chat about simplifying each day? Would love to participate just would like to know a little more of what you want from us :)
lovetolearn (at) bresnan (dot) net

Do you have a button for us to follow your blog.. I would love to :)

natjm27 said...

I love this! Our family has decided it is just to much to buy everybody gifts. So, gift exchange for the kids/grandkids/nieces/nephews. On Christmas Eve we will each put $5 in a Christmas tin. Since I homeschool our boys we are going to use this in our "lesson plan." We are going to search local ads and find the best deals on groceries. We will make our list and then go buy all we can with money we collected. Then take it to the Food Pantry. Count us in :).

jenny said...

I love this. We had a VERY simple Christmas last year, as my husband had lost his job two weeks before Christmas. This year, money is still very tight and we're planning on keeping it really simple again. In fact, I think we all enjoyed our creative celebrating on a budget and will do it even when we are more prosperous financially. It will be fun to see what everyone else does!

Peggypsp said...

I love the cinnamon rolls -- how perfectly it reminds us that "things" are not as important as "experiences." I am making my gifts -- not assembly-line production, but unique to the person (pin-up girl purse for niece). Please count me in, I would love to share ideas for keeping Christmas in the heart rather than the pocketbook!

Kyria said...

Okay, I'm in! I started by blogging about this post and adding a link to McLinky. Thanks!

Kyria said...

The button is on my website here:

Kyria said...

I have now shared about this on Facebook. My name over there is Kyria Baker, if you want to hunt me up!

Christy said...

Wonderful blog, but how do we sign up to be able to be reminded about your meme?
I still plan on making cookies and such for the families that we will be giving Christmas gifts to.

Mommy said...

Hello Christy,
You really don't have to be reminded about the meme. It will be going on during the whole month of December, starting the 1st. :)

Jennie said...

Every year my family tries a little harder to simplify our Christmas. We have made steady progress each year but the one think that stress me out is the gifts. I always feel like I give nice things but they are not appreciated by my extended family. I have wanted for several years now to get up the courage to do it completely my way and give food gifts.

1.I signed up before December 1st
2.I blogged about this meme on my blog, and link it back.
3.I’m sorry I don’t facebook.
4.I’m sorry I don’t Tweet.
5.I added the button on the sidebar of my blog.
6. I plan on write regular "Simplifying Christmas" posts and signing the MckLinky during the meme.

I am so excited that I have a 3 chance to win the Christmas Goodie package and the meme hasn’t even started yet.

Esther Ruth said...

Wonderful idea Heather and I love the look of your blog for the season! I'm looking forward to reading your entries, and others, and will write as I am inspired to:)


1)Wrote a post about this meme on my blog.

2)Tweeted it.

3)Linked on facebook.

4)Put a link to it (button) on my sidebar in my blog.

Oh, and I guess I made the deadline huh? LOL

Stacy said...

I'm looking forward to simplifying our Christmas!
I blogged about it here...

Stacy said...

I'd like to put a button on my post but I can't find the code for it.

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