Monday, December 14, 2009

Simplifying Christmas Day 10~ Homeschooling During Hectic Times

We are on day ten of the Simplifying Christmas Meme! Today's topic is "Homeschooling During Hectic Times"
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I find it very difficult to home school through hectic seasons in our life. It seems like this whole fall semester has been hectic.

This is what I have been doing this fall, but I am planning on doing a little more in the Spring Semester.

Just sticking with the Three "R's", Reading, Writing and R'ithmetic. This week for fun though, I am planning on doing a "Christmas Learning Folder" from Hands Of A Child along with the Three "R's"

So, what do y'all do for homeschooling during busy and stressful seasons? I *REALLY* need help in this area myself.


Danielle said...

I have been trying to make sure the basics are done same as you but the last couple weeks have been HARD! We have been soooo busy. I found a lot of Christmas things to do for a lapbook and plan on printing that stuff off now that I have ink again and starting that this week and going through next. I also planned a lot of "home ec" stuff for this week because we gift baked goods to several customers and some family members and the children (even the 1 year old) LOVE to help in the kitchen. Other than that I figured that we homeschool there is no set schedule as to when we have to take breaks or end for summer so if we get a little "behind" who cares.

Esther Ruth said...

I have not really experienced stressful *seasons* but stressful days or even a couple of weeks, yes. I'd just do the basics also, or not school altogether. Today almost EVERYONE in my family is sick, including mama, so school is canceled LOL. The good thing is 1)We have a year until evaluation is due, not nine months 2) FL does not have a required number of days of school (for homeshoolers) and I don't believe in pushing it anyway. When it *is* time to "push" it more, the child will also be old enough to do most without my help if I am sick or something:)

Sharla said...

Well, I don't homeschool (yet) but an acquaintance of mine does. She mentioned the other day that she just takes off the entire month of December because there's just too much going on. Since she plans for it, I guess she can organize her yearly schedule around it. Sounds like a good idea to me, but I wonder about how much "catch-up" time she needs in January after everyone has been away from their work for a month. Maybe you could just use the month of December for review? Easy math and writing, and read a book, and that's enough till January? I wouldn't worry too much - if you think about all of the extra holiday stuff that goes on in the public schools (in-school Christmas play, parties, etc) they probably don't get a lot accomplished in the month of December, either.

Mica said...

this year we decided to let them have two weeks off for Christmas week up to after New Years....with that they will still keep to their chores, reading etc....

I wanted to let you know I drew YOUR NAME in the book Give away!!!! YAY!!!! I just need ya to e-mail me at and leave me your address to ship them to you. How fun! Kay talk to ya soon. (((HUGS))) Mica

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