Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Build A Fire Truck

Early Saturday morning I did something that I haven't done since Tiny Boy was a little baby. I got up early. I took the kids to our local Lowes store for their *FREE* (Yup that's right free!) "Build and Grow" workshops for kids. This months project was a fire truck.

We met up with a friend (who happened to be the one who told me about this) and her little girl who also attend our church. It's always more fun when you have a friend! ☺

Since this program is free, you can expect alot of people to show up and they only have about 50 kits to give away. I was warned to show up a half an hour early. I showed up 40 minutes early and there was *ONE* lady and a little girl waiting outside. Of course, I didn't know that this is where they would be building their project, so I went inside the store to ask customer service where the Build and Grow workshop was going to meet. As soon as I found out where, I ran back outside, and like out of nowhere 10 more families showed up.

Then as I was standing in line, I realized I couldn't find my slip of paper showing that I had already signed up. Let's just say, "frustrated"! I ran back to the car as quickly as I could, and by the time I arrived back to the line, it had doubled in size. No kidding. And I was parked up front! Wow!

We did make it though. But barely. But all the hassle and early morning wake up were worth it. My kids *thoroughly* enjoyed building their little firetrucks.

As you can see they are all in deep concentration, and working diligently. And this is so weird. I am in the picture! My friend (who is an amateur photographer) took these pictures for me. Thanks Mrs. S!
Bean pounding away

Tiny Boy is going to give it a go now. Sweet patiently awaits her turn. She was very good at building this. She really didn't need much help. Just some guidance
Who can resist laughing at this face?
Once he knew the camera was on him, look how quickly his expression changes. ;-)
Lowe's even had the city's fire department show up. That was Tiny Boy's highlight I believe. He really enjoyed building the firetruck, but he was awed by the real deal. On Friday we are going to take a field trip to the fire station. Stay tuned. :)


Mommy said...

That was too cute:) It looks like they had a great time!

Mica said...

looks fun!! You almost didn't make it...and you were almost the first one there...well, at least i all worked out. and the kids got to do their project...and yay for the Firemen who came out too!!! Fun share, thanks! Mica

Persuaded said...

Wow, I never knew they did anything like this. What a wonderful adventure... and Heather, your kids are growing up so fast! Sadly, my kids have done the same thing. I tried putting bricks on their heads to keep them from getting bigger, but it just didn't work;)

Blessings to you my dear. It was so nice to see your sweet face on my blog today♥

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