Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Second Year in "Offical" Homeschooling

Monday, the 14th, we started our first official day back to school. I am trying to make this picture a yearly tradition.

Here is the First year of "K5" and Preschool for Bean


Last year was the official "legal" year of Kindergarten for Sweetie. Legal meaning, I had to keep records and report to the superintendent of education.


How much they have changed over the years. Oh my soul, I just cannot believe how fast they grow up and change. This year Sweetie wants to grow out her bangs, which makes her look two years older right off the bat as I brush them to the side and clip a Barrett in them.

Every year, I *try* to find a good deal on back to school clothing that goes on sale after the public schools are in session. I always tend to start a wee bit later than the public school does. The dresses the girls are wearing I found at Target for $7.00 each. And Tiny Boy got a new Shirt and Shorts as well. His little outfit was about the same price as the girl's dresses put together. I guess they don't put toddler clothes on sale after everyone goes back to school?
This is Bean's first year of "official" Kindergarten. I'd rather she wait until she was six to start Kindergarten. But her Birthday falls "just" in the time frame of having to begin school. Our state law is that children need to begin Kindergarten if they turn six on or after February 16th. I think. I can't remember the exact date. I do know that Tiny Boy can wait if need be as his birthday is February 1st. Which I am grateful, because Tiny Boy...well, I think he's just going to need that extra time. (whispers, if you know what I mean?)
Our curriculum for this year includes:

Math U See
Explode the Code Online
Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons
Memoria Press Copy Book #1 (Both for Sweet and Bean)
Home school Coop Choir
And a little bit of unit studies for history, science, and other "electives"

For our first unit study, Sweetie wanted to study Germs. So I bought a "Germs" lap book from In the Hands Of A Child, and will be using that as my outline. (How Appropriate! Just in time for Swine Flu Season!)

Something that I started last year and got the idea from my best friend Esther, who got her idea from another blog; (I have been pounding my brain to remember the name of the blog, because it's a neat one to share!) is to have a back to school tea party. This year I set the table with a real table cloth and real china.

We had Mint Oreos, and Gingersnap Cookies, along with Chocolate Chunk Cookies. Really easy recipe...just open the box and put on a fancy cake stand. I served our refreshments with Apple Cinnamon tea, Sweetened with a bit of Stevia, and yummy smooth cream.

One of my friend's saw these pictures on my facebook and thought I was a cool mama because I did this. Well, I have never considered myself "cool". I have always been a bit "nerdy" But if she thinks I am cool, I'll take it! ;-)
At each place setting I had a fancy gift bag filled with special school supplies, and a few little extra goodies. All found at the Dollar Spot in Target. I also made them a little name tag for their place setting. Of course Sweetie's real name was on her card, and it was hand written in my ugly handwriting. But to keep her anonymous from wacky people, I used photo shop. ☺Next to her name is a left over princess sticker I had. Bean had the same concept. Tiny Boy had Smiley face stickers on his.

All in all it took about 10 minutes to put this tea party on the table...including the time it took to boil the water in the tea kettle, and brew the tea bags.
Here they all are. Patiently waiting. Patiently, as they *REALLY* want to rip open those bags to see what was inside.
Here's the loot. It included, New water colors, and cutesy puppy school folders, and little scotty dog notebook, cheapo rubber stamps, sparkly pencils, new crayons, and a sheet of stickers

After we cleared all the loot away, we had an enjoyable lovely afternoon tea. Which included good treats, good conversation and good memories

PS. Here is another lady who shared her back to school tea party on her blog as well. ♥

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Amy said...

What a fun and special first-day-back-to school! We just umm... opened the books and got started. Hm. After reading so many fun traditions like this from blogs I'll have to see how I can spice things up next year!
I hope you all have a great year!

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