Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Look, New Year, and New Goals

Well, the Christmas Meme was tons of fun. I didn't get to the last post that I was planning to do.

Plans changed. It's always a good idea to be flexible, and not get in a hissy fit and pull out your hair because things didn't go as you expected them. ;-)

We had a wonderful Christmas. Very simple, and memorable for the kids. Which was my goal. :D

I will announce the winner this coming weekend on the meme. I have to go back and see who commented, who, participated, and such and put all the numbers in a hat, and will announce then! ♥

So how do you like the new look of my blog? I think this look is going to stick around for a while. I am known to change my blog around a lot. But I need to keep things simple.

I know it looks very springy, and it is nearing the dead of winter for some of ya'll. But I have a lot of plans for the year 2010. I want to start new and fresh. And well, Spring reminds me of new and freshness. ;-)

I also want to thank all my new followers to my blog. I truly appreciate that there are people reading my ramblings. ♥

There are several ideas looming in my head as to the direction I want to take "Heart Of A Mommy". I am praying about those directions. Fun things!

My goal is for the blog to be an encouragement, and a "fun" place to unwind. I want to be more "interactive" on this blog too. So stick around and let's see what will happen!

Until then, have a safe and blessed New Year! :D


Stacy said...

I like the new look! I need to change mine...I think it's been the same for, oh maybe 6 months. I pretty lazy about it though. Looking forward to seeing what you'll be doing.

Lynn said...

Your blog looks great! I hope you had a wonderful New Year. Just stopped by to see if I might of missed the winner from your Christmas meme.. :) Many blessings <><

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