Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Simplifying Christmas Day 13~Christmas Crafts

We are on day thirteen of the Simplifying Christmas Meme! Today's topic is "Christmas Crafts"Click on the Christmas Button above to get details on this meme, and join in on the fun! To see the prize you could win CLICK HERE. To win this prize, either write about this topic on your blog, and link back to here, and post your link in the MckLinky at the bottom of this post, or leave a comment about this topic. :)

First off, I am *SO* sorry that I have skipped the last couple of days. Things have been *very* busy around here. Some unexpected plans have come up, and in order to simplify things, I had to skip blogging.
I am thinking I will do one more post for the meme. Tomorrow's theme will be to share what you have learned *THIS* Christmas in the area of Simplifying. So be thinking about that. :)
So this is partly what we have been doing this week. Making crafts. A few of these were unexpected.
Sweetie really wanted to make a few gifts for her cousins. I don't want to discourage her creativity and willingness to give, so I took her to the fabric store, and have been working with her to make the gift.
Being flexible with our plans allows things to become more simple I believe. I had to put aside some things that I thought we would be doing to allow her to do this. But the benefits are better than my plans. I am spending time with her, and encouraging her.
So this is what Sweetie has been working on:
This is one of those polar fleece blankets that you cut into fringe and then tied together. Sweetie picked out the fabric. She LOVES monkeys. Sweetie is hoping that her cousin will enjoy the monkeys as well. ♥

This is really a quick and simple "craft" for six to ten year old to do. Just cutting and tying.

Sweetie also has plans on making a pillow case for her other cousin. Which I will be working with her on today or tomorrow.

Another thing we have been doing is making salt dough ornaments. These are just waaay to fun to make. So *SIMPLE* and easy. Messy? Yes. But wonderful memories and fun! These aren't finished. I had just pulled them out of the oven in this picture. Now they are cooled and waiting to be painted. Another thing we will be finishing today or tomorrow. (hopefully ;-) )

So how about you? Have you done some special Christmas Crafting this year? Please show pictures!

I will be visiting every one's blogs and catching up on the last few days that I have missed. Thanks for understanding! ♥


Anonymous said...

We enjoy making the applesauce and cinnamon ornaments and use them to decorate the tree and packages. We've made homemade stamped wrapping paper before as well.

My son is making magnets this year for his Grandad. We printed off his favorite sports team logo and are glueing them behind glass flat marbles, and backing with a magnet.

We've also, in the past, bought a big stack of flour sack towels and the kids have made handprint reindeer on them for the grandmothers.


Danielle said...

We love to do crafts but this year it just has not happened. The time has gone by so quickly I can't believe Christmas is only a few days away. We have strips of paper Sophie has been intending to make a paper chain with that has just not been gotten to yet, I wanted to make some ornaments that never happened. the less I have intended to do this year the more I have done.

Lynn said...

So glad everything is ok with you.. Missed you posting :)

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