Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Simplifying Christmas Day 2~ Christmas Cards

Before I begin this discussion on Christmas Cards, I want to add something I forgot yesterday. Click on the button above to find out details about this Christmas Meme, and join in on the fun! If you don't blog, that's OK. Just leave a comment in the comment box about this topic, and you will also be entered in for the prize.
Also, I wanted to add that I *REALLY* enjoyed those who commented and wrote on their blogs about their ideas on budget and guest lists. I got some really good ideas for next year!
Please be sure to stop by those who linked their blogs and read what they have to say and get inspired as well!

Ok! Let's talk about Christmas cards.

I'll be honest. I love to receive a Christmas Card. I have always loved to receive something in the mail, that has a hand written envelope.

I even love those family letters that update you on what's been going on during the year especially. Some people find them to be too "braggy" and annoying. But I find nothing wrong with bragging about positive highlights that happened during the previous year. ♥
However, Christmas cards can be a source of stress. Writing them out, addressing them, money for stamps and the cards. And the extra braves ones out there; making them.
Most years I have done Christmas Cards. Criteria to make it on my Christmas Card list includes extended family and friends that we don't see at very often if ever. I even have a "Christmas Card" address book in my Home Management Binder, which keeps me on track of who and who not to send to. (And that's about the only thing I use the thing for)
I usually mail out about 30-40 cards....along with my braggy "newsletter". ;-)
This year, however, I am going to do something different. I read about it on a blog somewhere, but I can't remember which blog? I wish I remembered, and I would of linked ya'll to it.
Oh well....anyway.... the something different I am going to do, is send out a "New Years" letter. That way, I have no more added stress on top of everything else that is going on and "have to dos". And, we can recuperate on some extra cash by the time January rolls around.
So, what are you all out there in bloggy world doing for Christmas Cards? Do you have a Christmas card system that simplifies things for you? Do you even send them?
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Mica said...

okay, I am here... I posted day one for bugeting & Gift giving LATE... so couldn't get the linky up... You can still stop over and read that one. Now, I posted the second one on cards!!! Whew! How long are you going to be doing this meme??? Hope all is good. This is fun! See ya later! Mica

Danielle said...

I am sending out e-mail Christmas cards to most people. That way I can send an updated picture of the kids and a nice festive card without having to pay for cards, postage and photo printing which can end up costing around $1 per person you send a card to. I love getting cards in the mail and then feel so bad when Christmas is over throwing them out and I just don't have the room to store year ofter year of cards. I will still send (or hand deliver) paper cards to a few select people like grandparents and parents who I know will want an actual picture of the children but that will cut the card cost down to a few dollars instead of $40.

Kristina said...

I love that idea! We did a new year's card the year our preemie came home from the hospital 2 days after Christmas. We wanted to send a picture of the girls and a birth announcement. It worked out great. Oh, I love the letters too. I haven't done them yet but I know people would appreciate them more than a general card. I hate for people to feel like just a name on a list.

Kyria said...

We don't generally send Christmas cards. We do have customers in our small business and we give them a small token gift and card, but one package is enough. (I did say "small"!) Anyway, I blogged today about yesterday's subject.

Thanks for the giveaway! I love that book!

Lynn said...

The McLinky is not working. It won't allow me to leave my info so I will put my link here and try again later..

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