Thursday, December 3, 2009

Simplifying Christmas Day 3~ Keeping Shopping Simple

We are on day three of the Simplifying Christmas Meme! Today's topic is "How to Keep Christmas Shopping Simple"
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I am going to be honest. I hate shopping. Unless.... it's at a sewing or craft store, or a book store; and sometimes the dollar store can evoke a little excitement in me.
Other than that, it is a necessary duty in my life. I would rather go and do something more active. Like horse back riding, or read a book. Or something like that. Shopping for pleasure just ain't my thing.
Also with three little kiddos in tow, it wipes out any sort of pleasure I may of had. Especially since I bring them along almost everywhere with me.
And that's exactly what I did with them with Christmas Shopping. I brought them along. ;-) I can't exactly explain to you how I accomplished buying their gifts without them knowing what I got them. But let's just say a Slurpee from Target's snack shop helps out quite a bit. ;-)
And a Frappachino from Starbucks helps me quite a bit. :D
Target was doing some awesome pre- Black Friday Sales. I got better deals on the pre-sales than I did when I *tried* to go on black Friday after the mob had died down.
I just can't imagine doing the above for fun, let alone out of necessity. I would rather wake up early and prepare for a horse show, then do that. But to each his own. I guess. (giggle)

Since I got most of my shopping done for my kids at Target before Black Friday, I was DONE with shopping before November ended. A first for me. Whoo Hoo! SUCH A STRESS RELIEVER!

I do think there will be some odds and ends that I'll need to pick up here and there. But not much. Amen! hallelujah!

I remember a time going Christmas Shopping two days before Christmas with a nursing seven month old along with me. I guess some things don't change.

While it wasn't exactly simple to bring my kids along with me, it was the easiest route to go, believe it or not.

My husband gets home late often, so I'd have to wait the weekend to go if I didn't want to take them along with me. Which would of been Black Friday. Shudder! And then I would of missed all the awesome deals before Black Friday.

I got Sweetie and Easy Bake oven for $15.00! When I went to see if I could snag any deals on Black Friday the price had gone up $3.00.

Another thing that simplifies Christmas Shopping for me, is to do shopping online. I have done that in the past, and I can do it while the kids are in bed, or napping. It is pleasant because you don't have to go anywhere, except maybe the post office to pick up a package or two.

I did end up getting two things online this year as well.

So what do you do to keep shopping simple? Sign the MckLinky Below! ♥


Danielle said...

I would like to skip the shopping all together this year! Last year I hit the Black Friday sales and got a ton of stuff for so little. This year the sales just weren't that great for my family so I stayed out of that mess.
I usually have a list of items I have decided to get for anyone and everyone I might be buying for and as things go on sale I pick them up. It makes less stress for me knowing what I am getting and crossing it off as I do.

Jennie said...

If you are interested I have 2 recipe booklets for easy bake ovens on my computer I could email you.

Esther Ruth said...

I prefer to shop online also...especially love amazon which is almost always free shipping:)

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