Friday, December 4, 2009

Simplifying Christmas Day 4~ Share a Favorite Christmas Memory

We are on day four of the Simplifying Christmas Meme! Today's topic is "Share A Favorite Christmas Memory that was something that was Simple"

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Let's step aside from all the practical stuff of Simplifying Christmas, and let's dwell on our own favorite memories.

I believe when we think back to our own special moments during the Christmas season, we will see how we enjoyed and cherished the simplicity rather than the Martha Stewartish details. ;-) Which will in turn to help us keep our focus on the important things, instead of the commercialism. Which is so easy to get caught up in.

I am really looking forward to reading every one's favorite memories. ♥

So here goes mine.
There are soooo many memories that I could share, and it's hard to pick just one.

One year, when I was about 12, my mom said I could pick one present on Christmas Eve, and open it. I opened up two simple hand bands. They were hot pink and neon purple, LOL! They probably cost about $2.00 total.

But they matched the outfit I was wearing. I had gotten all dressed up to go to a candle light Christmas Eve service at our church. I can remember sitting in church holding my candle, and feeling extra pretty in my new headband.

My mom, dad, sister, and grandma were all there with me. It was late at night, and I loved the how the candle light glowed and lit up the whole auditorium. I felt safe and secure in my families love, and anticipated the fun that was to follow the next morning.

Another memory just came into my mind that I want to share.

We traveled from Georgia to New Jersey to visit my Grandma and spend Christmas with her. My cousins were also going to be there.

My Grandma had an awesome, huge house that my Grandfather had built for her. It had amazing nooks and crannies. The perfect place to play hide and seek. I can remember the *best ever* game of Hide and Seek after Christmas Dinner at Grandma's house.

I also remember my cousin and I mixing different flavors of soda to give to adults to try and see if it tasted good.

Then my sister came prancing down the stairs in her newly crimped hair, after she crimped it with her new crimping iron she got for Christmas.

You remember those? LOL! My sister also did my six year old hair, and I believe my cousin's as well. We probably looked like hideous beasts, Oh my goodness! Can you imagine!? The adults probably had a rough time holding back the laughter. (Giggles)

Oh there are just too many good, happy memories for me to write about. Now I am just itching to read yours. Please share! And be sure to sign the MckLinky below. :)

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Mommy said...

I also had one of the crimpers:) We all looked totally cool with our hair like that I am sure:) hehehe

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