Friday, December 4, 2009

Simplifying Christmas Weekend Break

Tomorrow and Sunday the Simplifying Christmas Meme will be taking a break. Starting Monday the topic will be Simplifying Christmas Decorations.

Let's get creative with this one! This topic seems to be all about keeping up with the Jone's it seems.

Share pictures of your simply decorated house. I have a few simple tricks that I will be showing. I am planning on doing some decorating this weekend.

Please be sure to read other's blogs that are participating in this meme. And leave a comment too so they know you stopped by. The purpose is to encourage each other, and get inspired to have Christmas be about the right reasons. ♥

If you are reading this from my facebook notes page, hop on over to, and scroll down each blog entry and will find that other bloggers have linked their blog to my blog. Click on those links and you can read what others are doing to simplify their Christmas. Be sure to leave a comment. It does a world of encouragement when someone leaves a comment, letting you know that someone out there is actually reading your blog.

Until Monday, have a safe and restful weekend! ♥ And remember to keep things *SIMPLE* :)

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