Monday, December 7, 2009

Simplifying Christmas Day 5~ Simple Christmas Decorations

We are on day five of the Simplifying Christmas Meme! Today's topic is "Simplifying Christmas Decorations"

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OK. I have a confession to make. I didn't do any decorating this weekend like I had hoped too. But the beauty of keeping things simple, is to not to stress the small stuff. Decorations isn't what Christmas is about. They will get put up. Most likely between today and Tuesday.

So until then, I have pictures of a previous Christmas. All of these are really simple and inexpensive decorations.

Since the first thing people usually see is the outside of a home, here is my humble abode, and the Simple decorations on the outside
Electric Candles in each Window, A wreath on the front door. I made the wreath at one of my MOPS meetings. The candles each cost about $1.00 at Wal-Mart. And a Snowman Windsock hangs by the door. I also have some fake red poinsettias in a snowman flowerpot. The flowerpot, was given to us by my husband's office I think.

Here is a closer view of the door

Usually the first thing you see when you walk in is our tree. Our tree this particular year was real. That was because we could not find our fake tree hidden in our garage. I got the smallest tree at a tree lot, and asked if I the guy would take $25 for it. Even the small trees were like $35 and up. He said yes! :)

So the tree went on top of an end table.

You can also see that we decorated our tree with a cranberry and popcorn garland. We always have fun making those together. :)

This is a shelf above our couch. I just put pine colored candles in the votive holders I already had, and a fake poinsettia between them.
These sat on the end of my piano. I won these at a Home Interiors party. :) Also, when I bought the tree, I asked the man at the tree lot if I could have some of the branches that they had trimmed off of some of the bigger trees. I used those extra branches to adorn the top of my piano, and end tables

Another view of the branches, with a Candle stuck in the middle of it.

This piece was also on my piano. I took a plain white pillar candle and put it in my crystal hurricane lamp. (A Wedding Gift) Then I put cranberries between the candle and the glass. A very simple yet stunning effect in my opinion. ♥

In my kitchen I put up lights on the top of the cabinets. Last year I put up white. I like white lights better. Another simple thing, is that last year I didn't take my lights down, so they are already up. They are beautiful year round, and I don't have to climb up there and put them up again this year
This is my dining room table which is also in the kitchen. A simple plaid plastic table cloth is on top. Plastic is the best bet with our family of small children. :)

For my center piece, I took a doily I already had, and placed on top of it it, a milk glass bowl. I already had the bowl. Then evergreen sprigs were placed in the bowel and then more cranberries. On top of the evergreen and cranberries I put silver Christmas Balls.
My mom gave me the Christmas candle holders, and the red candle sticks were from the dollar store.

So that's about what it looks like every year, with a few variations here and there. This year, to save money, we will most likely use our fake tree. I finally found it. ;-)

Well, your turn. Write about anything to do with Christmas decorations. :) And be sure to sign the MckLinky below. ♥


Danielle said...

Wow, you go all out compared to me! I have my tree and then on my counter I have a nativity and one of those countdown calendars with the little drawers for the kids to get a little treat each day and then we have a mirror by the front door that has hooks for things like hats and coats but at Christmas they are hooks for stockings and I drape a small garland around it.

Sharla said...

You do more than I do!! I'm hoping to do some homemade decorations with the kids this year, but truly, I'm not a huge fan of decorating. I like the effect, but I don't like the work before and after! Anyways, have some ideas in mind for the kids to make it fun. I prefer Christmas baking to decorating anytime!

Mica said...

can you let me know if that last comment went through. I am having an error on my side. Hugs

Sharla said...

Just have to share this. Ms. Anti-arts-and-crafts over here just showed her son how to make a garland from strips of red and green paper. He had a blast, and immediately wanted to play with it and pretend it was a cobra. A couple of hours later, I finally convinced him to drape it around our kitchen window, under which are some candles and our nativity set. It looks really nice, and he is very proud of himself. Hubby now says that we need to make a larger one to go over the sliding-glass door. Sigh. Also, I had to laugh at the fact that you couldn't find your tree in the garage last year. We've had that problem in the past - not with the tree, but with other items, and all because it is a disaster area in there! I'm glad to know that we're not the only ones....

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