Sunday, January 10, 2010

Molly Green's Money Saving Digest January 2010, Review

I loved reading this issue. It was very motivating and encouraging to start out the new year with a positive mind frame to accomplish your goals.

This issue is particularly focusing on Organization. I really like this part of the digest because Molly graciously provides forms for monthly bills, budget, a January calender, a daily to do list broken down into sections so you won't feel overwhelmed, and a family clothing inventory sheet. Which I can't wait to put into practice! ♥

Molly has a sweet craft to decorate your house with positive, motivating scriptures and words, for little to no money.

Molly is also motivating us to eat healthier this year and gives some baby step tips on where to start so you won't feel overwhelmed, and also provides a healthy frugal menu, including the shopping list. The pictures to the recipes look absolutely yummy! I really want to try making the Tomato Basil Chicken. Ohhh La La!

One of the newer features in Molly's Digest this coming year is the "Kid's Corner" and this month is awesome! She has a craft to help your kid's make their own piggy bank that looks like a real piggy using items from around the house.

Then Molly talks about opening up a bank account for your children, and helping them learn to frugal and handle their money wisely. Home school opportunity! :D

She even provides pretend checks and a checkbook ledger for your children to practice using.

Molly also delves into the important topic of prioritizing, which is something I *REALLY* need to set my mind to. This month's digest came at just the right time to encourage me into what is important.

And of course, Molly provides awesome links and resources at the end of the digest so you can dig in even deeper and research even more! I really enjoyed reading this digest, and can't wait to get my clothing inventoried with the inventory sheets, and make those awesome piggy banks withe my kids.

To purchase your own January copy of Molly's Money Saving Digest, just click on the link ♥CLICK HERE

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